Succession Reveals Who Replaces Logan Roy as CEO

Last Sunday, Succession delivered the biggest shocker of its run to-date, killing off the most pivotal character on the show just three episodes into its final season. Logan Roy died suddenly while on his way to work out some kinks in the GoJo deal, leaving all of Waystar-Royco spiraling and his children in an emotionally confusing state. There’s a lot for every character to sort out moving forward, but one of the biggest questions the series now has to answer is in its name: Who can fill the shoes of Logan Roy? This week’s new episode took a stab at answering that question, though it may not be a permanent solution.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the latest episode of Succession! Continue reading at your own risk…

Sunday’s new episode of Succession, “Honeymoon States,” takes place almost entirely at Logan’s family wake, with the board having various conversations behind closed doors about who to name as the new CEO of Waystar-Royco. Ultimately, the job goes to not one, but two people: Kendall and Roman Roy.

The Roy children have been working well together this season and their new partnership leads them to taking their father’s place together. Kendall was written into Logan’s unverified will as his successor, but there was no way to tell how old the document was. Roman has been in place as a COO of the company. This made them an easy pair for the board to vote in, despite several others on the board wanting power.

Shiv is obviously the odd one out in this scenario, but she’s privy to the plan. She suggests that she should also be a co-CEO, but Roman and Kendall agree that she doesn’t have the experience to help get the vote in this particular situation. They will be able to keep the family in control while getting the GoJo deal across the finish line. They agree that she will still be directly involved in everything, to be brought up in a more official capacity when the dust settles.

Of course, these are the Roys we’re talking about, so things are rarely black and white. It’s hard not to wonder if Kendall and Roman are going to screw her over in the future, even if they seem to be on good terms now. It also seems like this solution won’t be the permanent one for Waystar-Royco and the Roy family. There are six episodes of Succession left, and quite a lot could change.

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