Splatoon 3’s Latest Splatfest Results Revealed

This weekend, a new Splatfest competition took place, asking players to decide whether Nessie, Aliens, or Bigfoot is real. At the halfway point, Team Nessie was in a slight lead, and it seems that carried over to the final results! Team Nessie brought home the overall win with 30 points compared to 15 points for Team Aliens and 12 points for Team Bigfoot. The points for Team Aliens came from overall popularity, with 46.09% of the vote. Team Nessie was right behind with 45.22% and Team Bigfoot… barely existed, making up just 8.69% of partcipants! Team Bigfoot still got 12 points from Pro Battles, while Team Nessie got wins in the Open and Tricolor Battle categories.

Splatfest competitions have been a staple of the series since the original Splatoon launched on Wii U. The first game and Splatoon 2 tasked players with choosing between two different options, but that number increased to three for Splatoon 3. Splatfests can get pretty competitive, and players are very passionate about their selections. Some players make their decision based on which idol supports their pick, while others go with their own path. For this weekend’s event, Shiver represented Team Nessie, Frye was all about Team Aliens, and Big Man was on Team Bigfoot. Unfortunately, there’s been no word on when the next Splatfest will take place, or which options players will be forced to choose between; thankfully, fans are never kept waiting too long between Splatfests!

Players that purchased the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass were treated to an extra during this weekend’s Splatfest, as the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie performed a new track titled “Tomorrow’s Nostalgia Today.” The sisters perform in Inkopolis, which is the hub world from the original Splatoon. Players that purchase the Expansion Pass are the only ones that can travel to Inkopolis. Outside of the Splatfest performances, there’s no other benefit to visiting Inkopolis versus the current hub, but it does provide some cool nostalgia for fans of the first game. At some point this year, Expansion Pass purchasers will be able to enjoy a new campaign titled Side Order, but little information has been revealed about that, thus far.

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