Special Pokemon TCG Set Revealed

A new Pokemon Trading Card Game set is coming in early 2024 and will feature Shiny Pokemon. PokeBeach has revealed that a new Pokemon Trading Card Game set will be released in January 2024. The set will incorporate cards from the Japanese Shiny Treasure set, which will be released in Japan in December. The set has not been officially announced by The Pokemon Company, but PokeBeach’s report indicates that the new set will feature standard products like an Elite Trainer Box and a new Sticker Collection Blister that includes three booster packs, a promo card, and stickers.

We’ll note that this new set appears to be a new Shining set equivalent to Hidden Fates or Shining Fates, which feature reprint cards but with Shiny Pokemon art. This is the first time since 2021 that we’ve had a Shiny Pokemon set, although Shiny Pokemon have appeared more recently via Radiant Pokemon cards.

The other interesting bit about the new set is that it marks the second “special set” released in a relatively short span of time. Typically, the Pokemon Trading Card Game releases a “special” set available only via boxed product and not individual booster packs once per year, with the set coming out around the holiday season. This year’s set was Scarlet & Violet – 151, which released in September. The timing of a January special set indicates that we could get more than one special set in 2024, although this could all just be a quirk of the different release cycle in Japan and internationally. We did get a special set in January of this year as well, with Crown Zenith marking the official end of the Sword & Shield era of the card game.

What is Scarlet & Violet – 151?

Scarlet & Violet – 151 is a brand new Pokemon Trading Card Game set focused on the original 151 Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Red and Blue. The set comes with a few unique twists, such as the cards being numbered via National Pokedex number instead of being grouped by type as is typical for Pokemon card sets. In addition to over 40 variant cards, Scarlet & Violet – 151 is also notably the first set to contain a Kadabra Pokemon card in over 20 years. Unlike normal Pokemon card sets, fans cannot buy individual booster packs for Scarlet & Violet -151 in stores. Instead, the set can only be purchased through products like Elite Trainer Boxes, booster bundles and gift sets.