Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Teases Chances of New Video Game

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has weighed in on the chances of getting a new video game for the character. Superhero games have been extremely hit or miss for a very long time, but within the last decade or so, it feels like developers have begun cracking the code. While there were good superhero games before it, the Batman Arkham games really set the bar at a high level and a lot of other developers seemed to realize it. Shortly after this series began, we started to see less and less annualized superhero games and the movie tie-in game genre has largely vanished in the console gaming space. Now, we get games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hellboy: Web of Wyrd, and much more that stand strong on their own as great games.

As developers seem to be more comfortable taking on these characters, some fans wonder when Spawn will get a new video game. He has had a handful of games already, appeared in Mortal Kombat 11, and will soon be a major character in Call of Duty with the new season 6 update. We spoke with Todd McFarlane ahead of Spawn’s Call of Duty debut and asked him if it was time for a new Spawn game.

“Probably, but I’m holding off on that until I know what’s happening definitively with the movie,” said McFarlane. “Because, again, as much as I have a solid fan base, it’s not nearly as big and global as something obviously like Call of Duty. And so maybe if we start developing something as the movie’s coming out, and it happens to come out a year after a movie, and there was any success with the movie or a TV show, then, all of a sudden, that video game recognition becomes a little more obvious. Than just going, ‘Oh, you have to be a toy or a comic book geek.’ I think that’s somewhat limited, obviously.”

Essentially, McFarlane is waiting for Spawn to gain a bit more mainstream beyond the comics before greenlighting a new video game. Of course, letting tens of millions of people play as Spawn in Call of Duty will certainly help with that, but a new blockbuster movie with Jamie Foxx would also be a major boost to the character’s reputation.

Spawn Movie Update

Todd McFarlane’s new Spawn movie has been in the works for a while and thankfully, he gave ComicBook a bit of an update on the long-gestating film. McFarlane stated that the writers have 30 pages left for the script and once the writers’ strike ends, he expects them to finish it fairly quickly. After that, they’ll take it to the studios and hopefully get it all financed. McFarlane also revealed it was his intention to have the Call of Duty news release alongside an update on the film before the strikes happened, but unfortunately, was not able to make that happen.