IYO SKY Defeats Asuka and Retains WWE Women’s Title on SmackDown

One of the most anticipated matches of tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown was for the WWE Women’s Championship, occurring between IYO SKY and Asuka. Many have wanted to see a throwdown between the two superstars, though they were also joined by Charlotte Flair, who sat at ringside. This was the first time the two had faced each other in the ring one-on-one, but you wouldn’t know it as the two countered each other’s moves with ease. Towards the end of the match, Asuka continued to put SKY on the edge of losing her Title, but Bayley would play a critical part in helping SKY get the edge and the win. SKY retained her WWE Women’s Championship.

Asuka and SKY locked up immediately and the two superstars hit each other with quick counters and reversals again and again. Asuka managed to gain a hold on SKY, but SKY fought her way out and locked in a hold of her own. SKY kept Asuka grounded for a bit, but Asuka fought her way to her feet, only for the two stars to trade submissions and holds until they took a second to breathe.

Asuka reached out her hand at one point but SKY went for a kick instead, only to get a kick from Asuka. SKY went to throw Asuka but Asuka blocked the move and went for a cover. SKY kicked out and got hit with an arm drag by Asuka, though SKY caught Asuka up top and knocked her down to the mat. SKY then hit a huge dropkick from the ropes and then stomped on Asuka before going for a cover, but Asuka kicked out.

SKY went up top but Asuka caught her and knocked her onto the turnbuckle. SKY slapped Asuka but Asuka came back with multiple kicks to the head. Asuka went up top to join SKY and then hit a Superplex on SKY. Asuka went for the cover but SKY got her shoulder up in time. The two stars were on their feet and ran into each other after bouncing off the ropes, and SKY knocked Asuka down and went for the cover, but Asuka kicked out.

SKY hit a German Suplex on Asuka into a cover but Asuka kicked out and locked in a submission on SKY. Asuka then transitioned into the armbar, but SKY broke it and hit Auska with strikes. SKY then delivered a swift kick to the face of Asuka, but Asuka came right back with a dropkick from the top rope. Asuka then hit a few strikes and kicks and then a sliding kick before going for a cover, but SKY kicked out.

Asuka went for another armbar and then stomped on SKY’s arm. Asuka went up top but SKY joined her and then hit a dropkick that sent Asuka crashing to the floor. SKY went for a huge move through the ropes but Asuka blocked, though she couldn’t block all of it. Then Asuka missed SKY and kicked the post directly. SKY rolled back in the ring and went back up top, hitting a huge move off the top turnbuckle that sent her crashing into Asuka on the floor.

Asuka went for a pin back in the ring but SKY kicked out, and then SKY went for a cover and came close to a 3-count, but Asuka kicked out before 3. SKY went to lock in a submission but Asuka countered with the Asuka Lock, only for SKY to break it up. Asuka then knocked SKY for a loop, but SKY was able to get to the bottom rope. Asuka went up top and connected with a dropkick on SKY, SKY and Asuka exchanged strikes, and then Asuka went for the armbar. She transitioned into the Asuka Lock but SKY was able to get free.

Asuka grabbed SKY again and went for the Asuka Lock, but SKY got to her feet and rolled up Asuka. Asuka countered and went for the Asuka Lock again, and Bayley pulled SKY’s foot over the bottom rope. Flair attacked Bayley and then SKY used the time to knock Asuka down and hit the Moonsault into a cover. SKY then got the pin and the win, retaining her WWE Women’s Championship.

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