Payday 3 Resolves Matchmaking Issues

Payday 3 seems to have largely resolved its biggest issues. The Payday franchise has made a name for itself as one of the most popular co-op games out there. Players can link up with three other players and plan and execute and elaborate heists. It has a heavy focus on team play, as players must be totally in sync if they want to pull things off perfectly. You can do everything in stealth, ensuring you take hundreds of thousands of dollars before anyone realizes, or you can go loud. Of course, most people are likely to go loud as something goes wrong and guns start blasting. It’s a fun time regardless of what happens and ensures excessive amounts of replayability.

Fans have waited a decade for a third game and after a long wait, it’s finally here. Payday 3 got its first official look this summer and after a few betas, people started launching the game earlier this week. There were some issues during the game’s early access period, but it was generally going well. Then the game launched on Game Pass and for standard edition owners and it didn’t go particularly well. The servers were slammed pretty much immediately and prevented most players from being able to find a match, even if they had a full party. For about two days, the game was basically unplayable for a lot of players as Payday 3 is always online and therefore can’t be played if the servers are having issues. Now, the problems seem to have been fixed as players are getting in and enjoying the game without as severe issues.

Some players are still getting some matchmaking error pop-ups, but for the most part, things are far more stable and less problematic. Whether or not Starbreeze plans to compensate players for the major launch issues remains to be seen. Payday 3 got slammed by by user reviews on Steam because of the issues and player counts plummeted at extreme rates. Player counts are still currently down about halfway from the all-time peak, but the game did peak at 70k players in the last 24 hours, which is 7k short of the all-time peak.