AEW Crowns New TNT Champion on Collision

The TNT Championship was on the line in a 3-way match to start things rolling on AEW Collision, and the thrilling match led to a brand new TNT Champion. Luchasaurus defended his TNT Championship against Christian Cage and Darby Allin, though an argument could be made that it was really Christian’s Title since Luchasaurus won it on the first episode of Collision. Cage took every opportunity he could to take the Title for himself, but Allin always seemed to prevent it…until he couldn’t. After Allin knocked Luchasaurus down for a cover, Christian came in and threw Allin out of the ring and took advantage, pinning Luchasaurus and becoming the new TNT Champion.

While Cage has continually said he’s the TNT Champion, he jumped out of the ring right from the very start of the match, leaving the real Champion to take on Allin alone. Allin was able to throw some powder in Luchasaurus’ eyes and go after Cage, but soon after Allin ended up on the ropes thanks to the numbers game.

Christian would try to choke Allin on the ropes with a chair, and then Luchasaurus hit Allin with a German Suplex. Cage would then try and steal a win here on Allin, but Allin kicked out. Allin would then get thrown into the stairs by both Cage and Luchasaurus. Allin came back with a Scorpion Death Drop on Cage, but Luchasaurus pulled him out of the ring. Allin hit a Coffin Drop and then got away from a Chokeslam to hit a Stunner and a shotgun dropkick on Cage.

Luchasaurus then connected with the Chokeslam on Allin, but this led to a moment where Luchasaurus saw the TNT Championship sitting in the ring. He picked it up for what felt like the first time, and Cage quickly came in and asked for the Title back. Then Cage demanded the Title back as the crowd chanted “That’s Your Belt” at Luchasaurus. Allin then shoved Cage into Luchasaurus and then hit Luchasaurus with the Title before going for a cover, but Luchasaurus kicked out.

Allin then hit Luchasaurus with a Coffin Drop, setting the Champion up for a pitfall. Before Allin could actually go for the pin, Cage ran into the ring and threw Allin out of the ring to the floor below. Then Cage covered Luchasaurus and got the 3-count, becoming the official TNT Champion.

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