Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: “No Good Horses”

Just two episodes into Yellowstone, things have gotten complicated for the Dutton family. Lee Dutton’s death and the death of Robert Long has made things more complicated than ever for the Duttons, leading to some extreme measures (and criminal activity) to protect Kayce. Heading into episode three, “No Good Horses”, things are about to get a lot more complicated for the Duttons. Here’s what went down in the episode.

Fair warning: spoilers for Yellowstone beyond this point. Only read on if you really want to know!

What Happened in “No Good Horses”?

A flashback establishes the relationship between the Dutton siblings and their mother, Evelyn, particularly Kayce. After Evelyn is thrown from a horse and badly injured, she tells young Beth it’s her fault and she needs to get help before telling young Kayce if his face is the last thing she sees it’s okay. Kayce stays with Evelyn until John Dutton arrives that night, but she dies.

Back in the present, John hooks up with the governor who suggests Jamie run for political office. On the reservation, Kayce admits to his son that he doesn’t want to go back into the army but he needs to be able to pay his bills. Jamie finds out about the medical examiner’s office fire and how it seems suspicious and the Duttons are suspected. Jamie reminds the man that the medical examiner had a sketchy past and of how he had helped the man (Mike) get his job.

Driving home with Tate, Kayce comes across a white van up to some suspicious things. When Kayce approaches, a man jumps out of the back and Kayce shoots him as the van speeds away. Kayce leaves Tate in a drainage pipe to go chase the van, but there’s a rattlesnake in the pipe that Tate soon finds himself fighting. While Kayce goes after the van, it crashes, and Kayce chases the driver. The driver gets lassoed by Kayce, falls, hits his head on a rock, and Kayce leaves him to check on the van and finds a girl bound and gagged. She’s glad Kayce has saved her as she was kidnapped but doesn’t want to call the police. Tate kills the snake and shows it to his father.

Jamie tells John he wants to run for Attorney General, but John says he’ll think about it. Kayce takes the girl back to her parents and Kayce and the girl’s father, Danny, end up agreeing to meet up later to deal with the bodies of the kidnappers since they were white men whose absence will be noted. Rainwater heads into town for a black-tie event and spots coyotes on the side of the road, which is a bad omen. Rainwater is then stopped and arrested for stealing the Dutton’s cattle. John meets with Rainwater in jail and says he’ll stay locked up until he gives back the cattle. Rainwater says he knows that the Dutton kids can’t pay inheritance taxes on the valley John owes so when John dies, Rainwater will just erase all evidence that the Duttons existed by taking back the land. John leaves and decides Beth should run for state assembly and they begin her campaign. Jamie is upset about this. The siblings end up in a physical fight.

Jamie later announces he’s going to run for Attorney General. John agrees to support him as long as he never hits Beth again and if he does, John will hurt him. Later, Dan (the developer John messed with in episode 1) runs into Beth and they flirt. John spends the night in the barn with a horse and is awakened by his cattle being returned. Monica’s sister-in-law kills herself on the reservation. The episode ends with a work crew unknowingly about to find a freshly dug grave.

Yellowstone airs Sunday nights on CBS. The first four seasons of the series are also available to stream on Peacock.