One Piece Launches Luffy’s Wackiest Attack to Date

One Piece has finally reached the climax between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome, and the latest episode of the anime has revealed Gear 5 Luffy’s wackiest attack to date! While Luffy has shown off all kinds of unique uses and techniques with his Gum-Gum Fruit powered body through the anime so far, things have taken a huge turn as Luffy has now unlocked his most powerful transformation yet. Gear 5 Luffy has revealed the true power hidden within his Devil Fruit, and it has resulted in all sorts of ridiculous powers that he now has access to.

One Piece kicked off this new Gear 5 Luffy fight against Kaido in the previous episode as it revealed that Luffy now has the ability to make the world around him just as rubber as he is, but the newest episode of the anime takes this to a whole new level as his powers have been revealed to be far more cartoon like in nature. This leads to some wacky new moves such as Gear 5 Luffy turning into a giant and using Kaido as a sort of giant jump rope with his newest “Gum-Gum Jump Rope” technique in the newest episode.

One Piece: How Strong is Gear 5 Luffy?

One Piece Episode 1072 reveals that Gear 5 Luffy has a ton of new powers with the use of his newest transformation, and that Kaido is even struggling to figure out what Luffy has become as a result of this new ability. Luffy’s starting to use the world around him as he chooses, and this has result in tons of surprise new attacks on Kaido. Despite the Emperor bouncing back from each attack, it’s clear that Luffy is now fighting on an equal playing field thanks to his powerful new transformation.

It’s not until the both of them get a moment to sink in all of the damage they have taken that shows just how dangerous each of Luffy’s moves are despite how ridiculous in concept they seem to be. Because Luffy indeed swung Kaido’s body around like a jump rope, spun him at incredible speeds, and then crashed him into the ground below. It was a mighty technique despite Luffy laughing the whole time.

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