One Piece Cosplay Stands Tall With Boa Hancock

One Piece‘s anime is now working its way through the climax of the Wano Country arc, but one awesome cosplay is already looking ahead for Boa Hancock’s return to the series! The anime has been impressing fans over the last few months with the increased intensity seen across the war on Onigashima. Fans have gotten to see Luffy and the others on the island pull off some huge feats since the arc began, but there are just as many others who can’t wait to get an update as to how the rest of the sea is faring following the Reverie.

Boa Hancock and the rest of the former Warlords of the Sea have been shrouded in mystery as it was revealed following the Reverie that they would no longer be supported by the government, and thus Boa’s fate is still very much unclear as Luffy and the others have been otherwise occupied on the isolated island. Now artist @yazbunny on TikTok has provided a great reminder as to why fans are still so obsessed with the Pirate Empress with some awesome cosplay! Check it out:


BOAAAA #onepiece #onepiececosplay #boahankock

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When is Boa Coming Back to the One Piece Anime?

Without giving too much away for fans not keeping up with the manga release of the series, Boa Hancock makes her grand return following the events of the Wano Country arc. Much like the Reverie before it, she returns in a brief period fleshing out the fallout of Reverie while setting the stage for where she will be seen next. Unfortunately, it’s likely going to be quite a while before she pops up in the anime in full as there is still quite a lot of ground to cover from the Wano Country arc’s climax.

The latest episode of the series has officially begun the third and final round between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome at the time of this writing, so there’s a good chance we will get to see Hancock returning to the anime before the year comes to an end. But it’s also more likely we’ll see her in early 2024 as the final saga will soon come to the anime. But what do you think?


When do you think Boa Hancock will make her appearance in One Piece’s anime next? Where does she rank among your favorites? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!