Night Court: Kurt Fuller Reveals What Made Him Nervous About Joining the Cast

You definitely know Kurt Fuller even if you don’t regonize his name. The character actor has over 200 credits to his name on IMDB with notable appearances in films like Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Ghostbusters II, and Wayne’s World, or in his recurring television roles like in Supernatural, Evil, and Psych. Fuller will bring his acting talents and comedic chops to NBC’s new reboot of Night Court, appearing in this week’s episode on Tuesday, April 4th. Speaking with in an exclusive interview for his appearance in the new episode, we asked Fuller about what his thought process is like coming into a show that has not only a following but has a deep fan base like this one.

“Coming on to a show, I don’t care that it was, you know, everything is new. I’m not sitting there worried about the old Night Court, the New Night Court. I just look at what’s in front of me. But when you’re coming on with people who you admire and respect, like John Larroquette, like Melissa Rauch and the writers and producers, were all people I want them to think I’m good. So that’s the pressure, you don’t want to blow it. And it’s like anything else. If it doesn’t keep your full attention, it doesn’t take much to be bad when you’re dealing with everything professional, everybody good. So I was focused and working hard the whole time trying to keep up with these, these pros who were in the middle of the race.”

He continued, “They’re already on episode eight or nine or ten. So I’m trying to get up to speed and then get in line and keep pace with them and that’s not always easy. But they were, I have to say, very, very, very welcoming and they’re very good. And in the end acting is acting. So, you know, if you do it, it’s a language we all speak. If we choose to speak it.”

Fuller’s episode of Night Court, titled “Da Club,” airs on Tuesday, April 4 at 8 PM on NBC. The episode is described as follows: “When Abby lands a meeting with the New York City district attorney (Kurt Fuller) to talk about her ideas for reform, Dan invites himself along to share his expertise in the art of “backroom dealing.” Gurgs teaches Neil a lesson in confidence.”