New Nintendo Switch Update Live, Patch Notes Released

A new Nintendo Switch system update is now live, bringing the console up to version 17.0.0. As has been the case with most of the system’s recent updates, this one is fairly small, merely offering some improvements to the overall stability. That’s not too exciting, but at this point in the Switch’s lifespan, it would be much more surprising if Nintendo did make any significant changes. Instead, fans probably shouldn’t expect to see any major changes until the next Nintendo system. Full patch notes from the company’s official website can be found below.

Ver. 17.0.0

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Upcoming Switch Games

It certainly seems like Nintendo Switch is starting to approach its final year, but if that is the case, the console seems to be going out on a high note. Next week will see the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a game that Nintendo fans have eagerly anticipated since its announcement. The game is easily Nintendo’s biggest remaining release of 2023, but the year still has more first-party games coming next month. WarioWare: Move It! arrives on November 3rd, while Super Mario RPG is coming on November 17th. As of this writing, those two games represent the final Nintendo published games coming this year, though there will be additional third-party games, such as Batman: Arkham Trilogy in December.

To start 2024, Nintendo has a remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong coming on February 16th. Princess Peach: Showtime! will release just over a month later, on March 22nd. The rest of the year is mostly a mystery, but fans can expect a remake of Luigi’s Mansion 2 in the summer, and a remaster of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door at some point in 2024.

Nintendo Switch 2

Reports have indicated that Nintendo will be releasing a new console in the second-half of 2024, tentatively titled “Nintendo Switch 2.” The company has yet to make any kind of announcement, though one could be coming after the holiday shopping season. At this time, official details are minimal, though Nintendo has stated there will be a smaller wait time between the console’s announcement and its actual release. The system will also continue to use Nintendo Accounts, in order to make the transition smoother.

Presumably, Nintendo’s next console will retain the system’s ability to play in handheld mode and docked on the television. The system will also have more power than the current version of the Switch, though it remains to be seen how close it will be to competitors like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Nintendo has always prioritized affordability over strong tech, and it’s likely that will continue. However, it will be interesting to see how much of an improvement users can expect!

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