New My Hero Academia Movie Will Explore a Fallen Hero Society

My Hero Academia has announced that the anime will be releasing its 4th movie next, and the first story details revealed about the next project tease that this new movie will be exploring the fallen hero society fans saw taking shape during the final episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original My Hero Academia manga kicked off its first phase in the second half of Season 6 seen earlier this year, and with it teased that the hero world in Japan had been reduced to crumbles following everything Tomura Shigaraki and All For One had done during the Paranormal Liberation Front War.

My Hero Academia then launches right into another huge battle in the arcs that follow (that we’ll see play out in My Hero Academia Season 7), but thankfully the next My Hero Academia movie will actually be spending some time in the ruined hero world left behind at the end of Season 6. As teased by series creator Kohei Horikoshi in a special message to fans about the new My Hero Academia movie, the fourth movie will take place after the war seen in Season 6 and the “collapsed society will be the stage.”

What Will the 4th My Hero Academia Movie Be About?

My Hero Academia‘s next movie will feature an original story not seen in the manga or previous anime releases, and My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi will oversee the project as general supervisor and will provide new character designs for the project. When teasing fans about what the next My Hero Academia movie will cover, Horikoshi stated, “It’ll take place after the War from Season 6, meaning that the collapsed society will be the stage this time.”

Teasing further about what could be coming in the movie, Horikoshi teased, “After having been through so much and learning so many things, who will Deku and his friends fight against this time? What will they protect?! Look forward to it!” With the original manga heading right into another massive war shortly after the last one, My Hero Academia didn’t really get a lot of time to flesh out this new broken down society in Japan. So it looks like the new movie will help to fill in those gaps.

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