My Hero Academia’s Next Season Should Be Its Last

With My Hero Academia‘s Final Act kicking into gear in Season 6, My Hero Academia should make its next anime season its last. The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original My Hero Academia manga has been putting Deku and the rest of My Hero Academia‘s characters through the wringer as the final fight between the heroes and villains is in full gear, but there’s honestly not a lot left to explore as the story readies for its grand finale. It’s becoming more apparent than ever that the end is near, so it would be best for the anime to do the same.

While My Hero Academia is far from over as each new chapter of the manga continues to reveal surprising new details for the final battle at hand, it’s clearly approaching the end of the fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. But as the anime quickly approaches this final battle as well, one more season will be enough to properly wrap up everything that will go down in this final war within its planned slate of episodes.

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Why Should My Hero Academia’s Anime End?

My Hero Academia Season 7 should be the final season mostly because of pacing purposes. There are no signs that the manga will end in the immediate future, but take a look at Season 6 My Hero Academia to see how quickly the anime can move through a year long worth of manga’s fighting. The Paranormal Liberation Front War arc took over a year or so in real time with its chapter releases, but the anime was able to adapt it fully within a single cour of episodes. In fact, My Hero Academia Season 6 will leading directly right into this final battle by the time it’s over.

Not only will it likely cover this final battle within a single cour of episodes, but it really should. The My Hero Academia‘s not as overly impressive as it was when it first began. It’s a result of a lot of different factors (the global pandemic certainly played a part in changing a lot of how every anime has been produced in the last few years), but something about the My Hero Academia also feels like it’s speeding towards the end.

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