My Hero Academia Shares a Surprising Secret About Shigaraki’s New Powers

My Hero Academia is now in the midst of the final battles for the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series, and one extra bit of information has been revealed that shared a surprising secret about Tomura Shigaraki’s new and evolving powers! Heading into the final war between the heroes and villains, Shigaraki and All For One faced off against their toughest opponent yet in the United States of America’s number one hero, Star and Stripe. It was here that Shigaraki lost a good deal of his powers from All For One thanks to Star and Stripe’s New Order ability.

But heading into the final actual battle against the heroes, it seemed like Shigaraki was just as strong as he ever has been (especially with All For One maintaining a full control over his body for the first half of the fight). Although Star and Stripe took out many of the villain’s abilities, it ended up not meaning much as an extra included in the pages of the most recent My Hero Academia manga volume hitting shelves in Japan, Shigaraki was able to regain the ability to regenerate and heal from injuries after stealing it from a High-End.

My Hero Academia: Shigaraki’s New Powers Secret Revealed

As spotted in a special extra for My Hero Academia Volume 38 (as noted by @DabisPoleDance on Twitter), Shigaraki is sketched with the following explanation about his regained ability to regenerate bodily damage, “His arm has regenerated. His Super Regeneration quirk was damaged during the fight against Star and Stripe and got considerably weaker, so he just stole the Near High End’s. Now he’s back to regenerating just fine.” So it seems like Shigaraki indeed is much more terrifying than ever before.

If Shigaraki was able to escape from Star and Stripe yet still have many of his abilities that he had before New Order destroyed his quirks, then Izuku Midoriya has a tough road ahead of him before the war can truly come to an end. As seen in the chapters thus far, even the heroes teaming up on him didn’t quite work so Deku’s going to need to come up with some proper way to officially bring an end to the fight once and for all.

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