WWE Raw: Jey Uso’s Big Bloodline Decision Teased for SmackDown

The Bloodline continues to implode following Jimmy Uso’s kick to WWE Undisputed Universal Champions at the WWE Night of Champions premium live event a couple of weeks ago, and Paul Heyman showed up on WWE Monday Night Raw to tease that Jey Uso will be making his decision to either go with Jimmy or stay with Roman this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! After Jimmy kicked Roman at Night of Champions, Jimmy and Jey tried to reconcile with Roman on the following edition of WWE SmackDown. But here Roman swiftly declined, and Solo decided to fall in line with the Tribal Chief as well.

This was a shock to the Usos because Solo previously agreed to go with his brothers, but once Roman declined their invitation to form a more respectful version of the Bloodline, Solo attacked Jimmy as it all fell apart. As for Jey, he’s stuck in the middle between trying to get his brother Jimmy to stop and trying to appeal to Roman. But as Paul Heyman arrived on WWE Raw to tease, Jey needs to make his decision quickly and will do so on WWE SmackDown.

WWE: Will Jey Choose Jimmy or Roman on SmackDown?

“Because this Friday Jey Uso will make his choice, and Jey Uso will choose and stand by his brother, Solo,” Heyman began in his tease about what is coming for Jey this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. “You can share a womb with your twin Jimmy, but you’ll never be closer in life to him than you are to your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. And this Friday, live on SmackDown, Jey Uso will acknowledge that fact…or else.” So now that Jey is caught in the middle, he’s got the most important decision to make yet.

WWE fans have been wondering what’s next for the Bloodline after this shake up with Jimmy, and while it seems like Jey might side with Jimmy in this matter, it’s a lot less clear than expected. Jey has been beaten down physical and mentally by Roman for the past few years, so it’s not like this is something that he can break out of easily. It’s likely going to be something he needs much more time for, and the pressure’s on with only a week left to make such a massive decision.

Who do you think Jey will side with on WWE SmackDown? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything Bloodline in the comments!