My Hero Academia Explains How Bakugo Came Back to Life

My Hero Academia has finally brought Katsuki Bakugo back to the battlefield after missing over a year’s worth of manga chapters, and the newest chapter of the series has explained how the explosive hero was able to come back to life after taking a fatal blow to the heart! My Hero Academia has reached the climax of the fights against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, and Bakugo has joined the fight after being presumed dead many chapters ago. He had taken a major blow to the heart, and it seemed like it was all over for the hero until the recent chapters.

Bakugo has been able to swing himself back to life as All Might was put in danger of being killed by All For One, and thankfully he was able to save All Might from being killed with some quick help from Izuku Midoriya. As the newest chapter of My Hero Academia picks up right after this save and Bakugo’s actually been able to get a moment of brief reprieve, it’s explained that Edgeshot’s final efforts to save him almost didn’t work if it wasn’t for a bead of explosive sweat that helped reignite Bakugo’s heart.

(Photo: Shueisha)

MHA: Why Bakugo Isn’t Dead Explained

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 picks up shortly after he was able to save All Might from being killed by All For One, and he’s ready to get back to the action despite being so heavily injured. Edgeshot then pops back out of Bakugo’s body, and explained that he used his own body to tie Bakugo’s organs and innards together to keep him intact. But also explains that while they will not come unraveled, Bakugo’s every breath will “inflict hellish agony.” But the real twist is that it wasn’t Edgeshot that actually brought Bakugo back to life.

Explaining that although he was able to patch up Bakugo’s body, his initial efforts to restart Bakugo’s heart and lungs failed to bring him back to life. As Edgeshot was about to give up and potentially give up the rest of his life force in a final attempt to save him, he noticed a bead of sweat rushing through Bakugo’s bloodstream and it helped him bring the hero back to life. And now that he’s back, Bakugo’s ready for the end.

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