Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Gets a Surprising Second Candidate

Minecraft Live is an annual event that developer Mojang puts on to celebrate the game and its community. Over the last few years, one of the most exciting parts of the event has become the Community Mob Vote. With this, fans get to place a vote on what will be the next mob coming to Minecraft. Today, Minecraft announced the second candidate for the 2023 Mob Vote. The extra cute armadillo takes the second slot and everyone will be able to start casting their vote for it on October 13.

The armadillo makes its home in the savannah biome. Just like its real-world counterpart, the armadillo rolls up into a blocky ball if you surprise it. It also drops a special, new scute, that’s going to be very helpful. That’s because you can use this item to craft new wolf armor. Using this on a tamed wolf will give them extra defense, helping keep your favorite pet alive even if you’re overrun by skeletons and other enemies when night hits.

What Other Mobs Are Coming to the Minecraft Mob Vote?

Yesterday, Mojang officially announced that the first mob up for the vote is the crab. These little critters will give players a new tool that lets them place blocks from further away, helping out all of the builders. After that was made official, many assumed that a recent leak had revealed all of the new aquatic creatures coming to the vote. That leak appeared to be a screenshot of privated videos from the official Minecraft channel that suggested the other two mobs would be a seagull and a jellyfish.

As we can see now though, that leak is at least partially incorrect. With the armadillo getting announced today, we know that at least one of those videos is either fake or Mojang changed its mind. It’s possible we might see either the seagull or jellyfish pop up when the next mob is announced, but we definitely won’t be seeing both. That said, the more likely scenario is that the “leaker” had one lucky guess and we don’t know anything about what’s coming next. Fortunately, we probably don’t have to wait much longer as Mojang will likely announce the next mob tomorrow.

When is the Minecraft Live Mob Vote?

The mob vote officially opens on October 13 at 1 PM ET. You’ll be able to log into the official site to vote or jump into Minecraft and place your vote in-game. Minecraft Live kicks off on October 15 at 1 PM ET. The vote closes 15 minutes after the start of the event, so you’ll have plenty of time to hop in and place your vote. Alongside all of that, there’s also an event server that’s launching during the voting period, which will include some fun new mini-games for players to dive into. That server will stay open for 24 hours after Minecraft Live.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms.