Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Speculating Miles Morales Might Have New Powers

We haven’t heard too much about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 since it got a short teaser trailer back at the 2022 PlayStation Showcase. That said, we do know that it’s supposed to come out later this year and it’s not a stretch to assume that the game will show up when the PlayStation Showcase comes back this week. That said, some fans have been dissecting the footage we do have in advance, and one of them might’ve come across an important nugget with big implications for what we might see when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches.

As first spotted by GameRant, a user by the name of u/GotThatDrip3000 on the SpidermanPS4 subreddit noticed that, at around forty seconds into that previously mentioned 2022 trailer, we see a quick battle featuring Miles Morales. As he attacks, Miles uses his trademark Venom Blast ability, which surrounds him in crackling orangish yellow light. He then follows this attack up with something a bit different. His next attack causes that same light to turn blue-white, which is where the speculation comes in.

How do you think Insomniac will explain the change of color for Miles’ venom?
u/GotThatDrip3000 in

See, back in 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles is dealing with an enemy that’s trying to make use of an experimental power source called Nuform. Players of that game will remember that Nuform has a blue-white glow. They’ll also remember that one of Miles’ final acts in that game is to absorb the Nuform to negate a massive bomb. Many fans think that these two things are related and that Miles will be able to use the Nuform energy in some way when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches.

Now, it should go without saying that you need to take this speculation with a massive grain of salt. After all, developer Insomniac has revealed almost nothing about Spider-Man 2 outside of it involving Miles, Peter Parker, and Venom. Otherwise, it’s been slim pickings. That said, the PlayStation Showcase is likely going to be our next good look at the game. Keep an eye out for that event to see if Insomniac is ready to reveal any of their cards and show us some of either Spider-Man’s new powers.