Marvel Disney+ Shows Could be Delayed Until 2024 (Report)

Ahead of sizable layoffs at Disney later this month, a shakeup at Marvel Studios has left the Burbank-based studio reorganizing its production efforts. Over the weekend, it was revealed longtime Marvel executive Victoria Alonso left the company after nearly two decades overseeing the outfit’s post-production efforts. Fast forward to Wednesday and it was reported Alonso was fired by Disney Studios co-chairman Alan Bergman. Now, some of the production house’s projects may be delayed as a result.

Nestled away in the depths of the latest report from Variety is a mention of Marvel’s 2023 slate being tweaked. Instead of five shows releasing this year, it’s now expected just three or four will see release this year while the remainders will be pushed to next year or “possibly beyond.”

No matter what gets delayed, the report suggests, it won’t affect Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is nearly picture locked and set for release next year. The five shows previously set for release in 2023 were Secret Invasion, Loki Season 2, Ironheart, Echo, and Agatha: Coven of Chaos. That’s on top of animated projects like X-Men ’97 and What If…? Season Two, though neither of those ever received official release windows from the Kevin Feige-led outfit.

Feige himself also noted the pace of Marvel release was going to change given how much content the studio had been churning out.

“I do think one of the powerful aspects of being at Marvel Studios is having these films and shows hit the zeitgeist,” Feige explained earlier this year. “It is harder to hit the zeitgeist when there’s so much product out there – and so much ‘content,’ as they say, which is a word that I hate. [Laughs] But we want Marvel Studios and the MCU projects to really stand out and stand above. So, people will see that as we get further into Phase 5 and 6. The pace at which we’re putting out the Disney+ shows will change so they can each get a chance to shine.”