Loki Season 2 Finale Recap With Spoilers

After six weeks of chaos and time travel, Loki‘s second season is nearly in the books. The season finale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series makes its debut on Disney+ on Thursday night, throwing Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his allies into a pretty massive threat. With Avengers: Secret Wars on the horizon, fans have been eager to see the multiversal implications of this final episode — and now, they’ve arrived. Keep reading to find out what happens in the sixth and final episode of Loki‘s sophomore season.

Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of Loki, “Glorious Purpose”, below! Only look if you want to know!

What Happens in the Loki Season 2 Finale?

The Marvel Studios fanfare plays in reverse as we see the seconds before Timely’s death. Loki timeslips to that moment and tells the team that Timely needs to get out of there. He dies anyway, and Loki asks O.B. what they can do differently. O.B. says they took too long, so Loki slips back and tries to make the scene faster. Timely dies over and over and over again. He goes back even further to when Timely first met O.B., and hurries things even faster. Loki asks O.B. how long it would take for him to learn everything O.B. knows, and is told it would take centuries.

According to a title card, centuries do pass for Loki, and he learns everything necessary to instruct Timely on the mission. He tells Casey to secure Timely’s helmet, and that — combined with all of Loki’s new knowledge — helps the walk go successfully. Timely is able to push the button, and makes it back to the base. The Loom begins stabilizing, but O.B. notices that it is overloading because there are way too many branches. Timely says that the multiverse is growing too fast for the Loom to ever possibly handle it. Sylvie suggests that the creation of branched timelines is what set this in motion. Timely apologizes to Loki as the Loom explodes once again.

Loki goes back in time to the events of the Season 1 finale, and tries to stop Sylvie from stabbing He Who Remains. He tells Sylvie she was right or not trusting him, and tells her he doesn’t care about reclaiming a throne anymore. She threatens that she’ll only stop if he kills her. Loki repeats the cycle multiple times over, trying to stop Sylvie at increasingly-earlier moments. Loki asks He Who Remains why he isn’t trying to stop Sylvie, and He Who Remains uses his TemPad to pause Sylvie. He reveals he knows about Loki’s timeslipping, and says that his “death” at the hands of Sylvie is all part of his plan — because he will reincarnate anyway. He Who Remains resumes time, and Loki reveals that he’s already had this particular conversation with He Who Remains.

He Who Remains pauses time again, and reveals that everything in the Loom is actually irrelevant to the Sacred Timeline — so Loki has been wasting his time. Loki decides to change the equation by breaking the Loom, but He Who Remains says the Loom is the only thing stopping the multiversal war that destroys everything, and that he’s offering the universe mercy. Loki refuses to believe that, and insists he’s going to find another way. He Who Remains resumes time, and tells Loki to save what he can.

Loki timeslips to the events of the Season 1 premiere, when Mobius was showing him his life in the Time Theater. Loki asks Mobius how the TVA decides who lives and who dies. Mobius tells Loki a story about the TVA finding a Variant in the Black Sea who was going to be responsible for thousands of deaths, but ended up being a young boy. One Hunter — Renslayer — hesitated in killing the boy, and it made things worse. Loki tells Mobius that purpose might be more of a burden than a glory. He thanks Mobius and shakes his hand, just before he and the reality around them fade out of existence.

Loki goes back to right before everyone disappeared in Episode 5, and pulls Sylvie out of time to talk with her about the situation. Sylvie argues that sometimes, you need to destroy something in order to replace it with something better. Loki timeslips back to right before Timely’s walk and locks Sylvie and Mobius behind the door to the vault. He tells them he now knows what kind of God he needs to be, and embarks on the walk by himself — with no spacesuit. As he goes on the walk, his clothes transform into a new version of his Loki costume. He uses his powers to zap the Loom, and then realizes he can physically grab — and reignite — each of the dying branches. He creates a crack in the space-time continuum, which he walks towards and through. Sylvie says that Loki is giving them a chance.

Loki walks towards a throne, carrying the branches with him. The throne begins turning gold, and we see that it’s the remains of He Who Remains’ palace. Loki sits on the throne and holds the branches together, allowing them to all begin to heal. We pan out to see that we’ve been looking at the branches from the wrong angle… they’re the World Tree.

Sometime “after”, the TVA is back to normal — and is viewing the timeline as the World Tree. Miss Minutes is back to normal. Mobius reveals that they’ve been keeping tabs on He Who Remains variants, including one who is seemingly the Kang from Quantumania.

Mobius tells Hunter B-15 that he’s leaving to go experience the real world, and she tells him that he’ll always have a seat at the TVA. The TVA meet. O.B. gets new copies of the TVA manual. A young Victor Timely does not get the book delivered to him, sending him down a different path. Ravonna wakes up in The Void, and finds remnants of the TVA floor there. She sees Alioth in action, but is unafraid.

Mobius watches over a life where his human self and kids are happy. Sylvie is by his side. They talk about Loki and what the future can look like for all of them. Sylvie leaves, as Mobius continues to watch over his house.

We see Loki sitting proudly at the center of the Worldtree.


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