Law & Order’s Benson and Stabler Address Near Kiss and Elliot’s Vision in SVU and Organized Crime Crossover

Tonight’s episode of Law & Order: SVU kicked off a two-week crossover with Law & Order: Organized Crime, as SVU ended and Organized Crime began, the team didn’t waste any time addressing some big lingering questions. When Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler reunite towards the end of SVU, they talk about their last reunion, which was the near kiss moment that had all of Law & Order fandom buzzing. After Organized Crime begins, the show then addresses another major revelation from last week’s episode, which is when Stabler saw his dead wife in his apartment. You can find both clips below (via @MeloniProject).

In the first clip, Benson and Stabler say hi to each other and then jump into what happened the last time they saw each other, which fans will remember was the near kiss in Benson’s apartment. That didn’t end up happening, but this conversation still suggests that the moment was appreciated by both.

Benson says “You know the last time we saw each other…that was a bad time for me.” Stabler says that it was a worse time for him, and Benson replies “I know that you were just trying to make me feel safe. I think we both felt that.” Stabler then says, “Just not the right moment.”

Then in the beginning of Organized Crime, they are in Stabler’s apartment going over the case that has brought them back together. During that conversation, Benson notices that Stabler is wearing his wedding ring again and he says he found it on the dresser recently, trying to stop any concern from happening before it begins. Benson tells him it’s called Empathy, and that’s when he tells Benson he saw Kathy.

That was the cliffhanger of last week’s episode of Organized Crime, as Stabler sees a vision or ghost of Kathy walking through the hallway. She sits at a table, and he tells Benson that it felt like she was waiting for an interrogation. They then talk about a few things and Stabler says he isn’t a victim, but Benson says “no, but you’re a survivor”, and says they can go through the same things.

The case they are working on has revealed a network that has people crowdfunding murders and other violent crimes called Shadowerk. Benson and Stabler had been working the same case but just from different sides, and that’s what led to the team-up. This event will continue through next week’s SVU and Organized Crime.

The crossover continues next week on Thursday at 9 PM EST, and you can talk all things Law & Order with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!