Honkai: Star Rail Releases Stunning Animated Short

Honkai: Star Rail released on PC and mobile devices late last month, and the game already seems like the next massive success story for developer miHoYo. Given the international popularity of Genshin Impact, it should come as no surprise that Honkai: Star Rail is already getting a lot of attention from gamers. In fact, today, miHoYo released a new animated short based on the game, and it’s already seeing tons of traction on YouTube. The video has gotten more than one million views, and is the number eight trending video on the platform, as of this writing.

The animated short centers on Jing Yuan, a playable character set to arrive in the game soon. Honkai: Star Rail fans that have yet to check out the short can do so below.

So far, reception to the short has been overwhelmingly positive! It seems fans are ridiculously excited about Jing Yuan’s addition to the game, and the short seems to have done a great job building hype. Of course, the animation also received a lot of praise, as well as the story itself. miHoYo had been hyping the short’s release, and it certainly seems to have delivered! In fact, some fans are already hoping to see additional shorts like this in the future.

While Genshin Impact released on PlayStation platforms, Honkai: Star Rail has yet to get a release on any console. The game has been announced for PS4 and PS5, but no release window has been provided. Given miHoYo’s history with the platform, and the demand for a PlayStation version, it seems like it should happen sooner rather than later. However, it’s worth noting that a Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact was announced several years ago and still hasn’t gotten released. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen with Honkai: Star Rail on PlayStation, but for now, those interested in the game will have to check it out on PC or mobile!

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