Ken Goldin Teases King of Collectibles Season 2, Promises More Comic Books

golBack in March Netflix released their new reality series King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, a show that comic readers and collectors of all kind could definitely find something to ogle over. In the series, the staff of Goldin Auctions, and its founder Ken Goldin, show off their daily routine which deals in the most valuable corners of collectible markets. Ranging from Pokemon cards to game worn jerseys, the series shows how much money there is in rare collectible items. Speaking with in an exclusive interview, Ken Goldin confirmed to use that season 2 is looking very likely, and that more comic book items would be happening.

“You know, comic books, to us, for Goldin, they’re our number two. You got sports collectibles is, is what we’re famous for. Comic books is number two. So we definitely, I would say there’s over a 90% chance that there is a season two. I hear that there’s over a 90% chance it will be more episodes than six in season two. And assuming there is a season two, there is 100% chance that there will be comic books and comic book collectibles; both artwork as well as perhaps interesting items like the Superman costume. Um, who knows? Maybe we run across, um, you know, Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man worn mask or something. We never know what we find.”

Goldin added, “The great thing about comic books, and this is what I tell people about why I collect them and why, I think they’re going to continue to grow in popularity. A large percentage of our audience is the sports fan, right? Go to any 16 year old, 13 year old, the United States, and say, hey, do you know who Hank Aaron is? You know, Mickey Mantle’s? Maybe a percentage of them is going to know, right? You ask any of these kids, who’s Superman, who’s Spider-Man, 100% are going to know. If you go to Japan, it’s the same thing. You go to Germany, it’s the same thing. You go you go to Argentina. Everyone knows who the superheroes are, right? I think it’s it’s just a long term thing that will continue to grow.”

Even now Goldin is currently auctioning off several high-profile comic book centric items, including: a copy of Superman #1, the 1939 issue that told the Man of Steel’s origin story (as of this writing the current bid is $950,000); a copy of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman which is a graded copy with a 3.0 slab (as of this writing its current bid is $1,052,123); and a Superman costume worn at an event by George Reeves, the actor who starred as the DC hero in Adventures of Superman in the 1950s (as of this writing the current bid is $65,000).