Jujutsu Kaisen Star Teases the Highlights of Gojo’s Past Arc

Jujutsu Kaisen will be hitting screens around the world next month with the highly anticipated Season 2 of the anime as part of the wave of new releases coming during the Summer 2023 anime schedule, and one of the stars behind the anime is teasing the highlights of the Gojo’s Past Arc coming in the first half of the new season! When Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 was first announced to be in the works, it was quickly confirmed that the anime would be tackling the Hidden Inventory and Premature Death Arcs from Gege Akutami‘s original manga. Otherwise known collectively as the Gojo’s Past Arc.

Part of the appeal for this arc is in the title as it fills in some major gaps of the past between Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto, and the voice behind Gojo in the anime, Yuichi Nakamura, recently spoke to Animage magazine (as spotted and translated by @king_jin_woo and @JJKTLMAX on Twitter) about some of the highlights from this arc coming in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2. As Nakamura teased, the major draw will be how this all plants seeds for some of the new characters and plots we’ll see play out in the future of the series.

JJK: Gojo’s Voice Actor Teases Gojo’s Past Arc Highlights

“From the flow so far, it’s a story of ‘what happened in the past’ as a major premise,” Nakamura began. “There’s also the existence of Tengen, who appears as an important key character or keyword. And I felt that this part is also a light explanation of origins of the future plots.” Elaborating further, Nakamura then opened up about his curiosity for seeing how this part of Gojo’s past will help to explain his current character seen in the main anime series.

“He has always had a high level of ability, but how did he obtain it” Nakamura asked in a question about Gojo’s current power. “I think that will be a highlight. I’m curious to see how the action scenes will turn out. I haven’t seen the episodes yet, so I don’t know. But the PV was splendid, so my expectations are high.” So while Nakamura can’t tease much, it seems like the exploration of Gojo’s past will be rewarding enough in its own right.

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