Edge Shoots Down Retirement, Battles Grayson Waller in SmackDown In-ring Debut

After the latest chapter in The Bloodline saga, it was time for a new episode of The Grayson Waller Effect on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, and Waller’s guest was the Rated R Superstar Edge. Edge got a warm reception from the New York crowd, and he was showing them all sorts of love before Waller cut him off. Waller then kept teasing a big announcement and later revealed that Edge was retiring and this was the last time the crowd might see him. Edge shot that claim down though, and then revealed that he would actually be challenging Waller later in the night. That match will be Waller’s main roster in-ring debut too, creating a big spotlight for the recent SmackDown addition.

Waller kept trying to get Edge to share a big surprise, but Edge looked confused and not aware of the surprise. Waller then asked why he was back here in WWE, and Edge said it was because of the fans. Then Edge said “New York, I want to talk to you. See we go way back, don’t we? My first PLE for this company, SummerSlam 98. I was the mystery partner for Sable against Marc Mero and Jacqueline.”

“That night I ran and dove clear over those ropes, when I still could, and from that moment on you opened up your arms to me,” Edge said. “And I know that in New York City your respect is hard won, and I also know that NYC is full of hard workers and big dreamers. And I have always been a hard worker and a big dreamer, and I still am to this day. But New York, that is why you and I work.”

Waller then jumped in and said, “Which is why it is so exciting that right here in Madison Square Garden, Edge’s big announcement is that Edge is retiring! C’mon, on your feet! Say thank you to this man for everything that he’s done.” Edge looked puzzled and then annoyed, and he indeed have some news for Waller.

“You know Grayson, last week you were standing eye to eye with John Cena in London. Now you’re standing eye to eye with me. So someone somewhere sees something in you,” Edge said. “But you’ve been here for a half a hiccup. You haven’t even had a match on the main roster yet. But you’ve gone into some deep waters, and it’s time to sink or swim. I’m not retiring. As a matter of fact, I talked to the powers at be today, and I’m going to have a match tonight. And it is going to be the Rated 4 superstar against Grayson Waller.”

That match would happen later in the night, and Waller had an impressive showing in his main roster in-ring debut. Waller even hit one of Edge and Christian’s classic moves, but Edge never stayed down. At one point Waller said he ran the place and the crowd chanted he sucked, and Edge would come back with a big move seemingly on pure instinct. Waller tried to capitalize on a miss from Edge but Edge speared Waller in mid-air and got the cover and the win. Edge then told Waller “you swam” as he walked away.

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