House of the Dragon Fans Are Freaking Out Over THAT Creepy Feet Scene

Sunday’s penultimate episode of House of the Dragon did plenty to move the story forward to the upcoming finale, but it also included a scene that taught fans a little more about Ser Larys Strong than anyone was interested in learning. Larys has been gathering information and doing the dirty work in the shadows for weeks, keeping Alicent’s hands clean of the horrible things that have been deemed necessary to further their cause. As it turns out, Larys’ services come with a price, one that Alicent has been reluctantly paying.

Larys is nicknamed Clubfoot because of a disability that keeps him from walking normally. That’s apparently not the extent of the character’s relationship to feet. Larys Strong has a bit of a foot fetish, and he has been using the Queen to help fulfill his needs.

(Photo: HBO)

Larys Strong Has a Foot Fetish?

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but Larys has a really creepy thing for Alicent’s feet. One scene in the latest episode of House of the Dragon shows Larys relaying information to Alicent behind closed doors, and the queen showing more of her feet the more he shares. The scene only gets more uncomfortable as Larys begins touching himself as the Queen looks away.

The scene proved difficult for fans of House of the Dragon to endure. One fan took to Twitter during the episode to say, “I need someone to tell me why that Larys scene was necessary. PLEASE.” Another fan shared a similar, shocked sentiment, asking “Wtf was that scene with Alicent and Larys?”

Some fans took the opportunity to make jokes, both at the show and at other figures in entertainment. More than one viewer hopped on Twitter to make a joke at the expense of director Quentin Tarantino, who has been known to show a lot of bare feet in his movies. Others were simply surprised to see that scene included so close to the end of the season, given everything that’s going on with the other characters. A fan online wrote that the scene “wasn’t on their bingo card” for the episode.

Whose Idea Was the Larys Scene?

While speaking with EW‘s West of Westeros podcast, House of the Dragon director Clare Kilner revealed that executive producer and writer Sara Hess actually came up with the scene.

“Her mind is incredible. I mean, she really wrote us a wonderful episode, I have to say,” Kilner said. “But, yeah, that was an interesting scene actually… Funnily enough, you get the intimacy coordinators [for] all the nudity, but they don’t think about it for this.”


“It’s so intrusive and invasive,” she added. “It’s a really dirty scene.”

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