Horizon Forbidden West DLC Possibly Leaked by Actor

Horizon Forbidden West DLC may be on the way following a possible leak from an actor in the series. The Horizon series is quickly becoming one of PlayStation’s biggest and most reliable franchises out there. After Guerilla Games left Killzone behind, it opted to do something very new by creating an RPG set in the far-flung future with things like robot dinosaurs. The game was a massive hit and Sony seems to be doubling down on it. Following the release of the sequel earlier this year, Sony has greenlit a new Netflix series based on the Horizon games and a new VR spin-off that will release alongside the PlayStation VR2 in 2023.

However, there seems to be even more Horizon content in the pipeline. Actor Lance Reddick posted a tweet earlier this week noting that he was doing some kind of facial scan for Horizon Forbidden West. Of course, this could be for the VR game and he stated the wrong title, but it really remains to be seen. Fans seem to be leaning more toward it being a DLC given the caption and Reddick deleted the tweet after it started to gain some traction. There’s really not much else to pull from it, but given they’re still doing facial capture for whatever project this is, it likely won’t release until sometime in 2023. Perhaps Sony will try to release the DLC close to the VR game to create some marketing synergy, but there’s no way of telling right now.

As of right now, Guerilla Games has yet to announce another mainline installment in the Horizon series. It’s likely it will be a few years until we see Horizon 3, especially if the team is still working on new story DLC that could be months away from releasing. Nevertheless, it’s a massively successful franchise, so it’s no surprise to see Sony and Guerilla Games trying to get more mileage out of the most recent game.


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