Ghostrunner 2 Beta: How to Sign Up, Important Dates

Ghostrunner 2 is currently set to launch sometime this year. Developer One More Level has yet to give fans a firmer window than that, but one may be coming soon. Today, One More Level opened up closed beta signups for Ghostrunner 2. The team also made it clear that space in the beta is very limited, so you’ll want to make sure you sign up quickly. On top of that, One More Level announced that everyone who joins the beta “will be featured in the Ghostrunner 2 credits,” meaning that there are going to be a ton of players trying to sign up. Fortunately, we’ve collected the steps you’ll need to take below to make the process nice and smooth.

How to sign up for the Ghostrunner 2 beta

(Photo: 505 Games)

Thankfully, signing up for the Ghostrunner 2 closed beta is pretty simple. All you need to do is head over to the official signup site and fill out the Google form. It’ll ask you for standard details like your e-mail and name, but also asks some odder questions like if you speak several languages fluently or have programming experience. They might seem out of left field at first, but these are likely a good way for One More Level to filter in people who can better help them test certain features during the closed beta.

When will we learn more about Ghostrunner 2?

(Photo: One More Level)

Outside of the beta announcement, One More Level is promising “major news” on August 21. It’s possible this could be the release date, though that’s purely speculation. That said, there’s not really much else it could be considering we’re far enough along in Ghostrunner 2‘s development to get a closed beta. Either way, it’s something worth paying attention to because the team could also open up more signups for the beta at that time, giving you another chance to hop in.

Ghostrunner 2 is set to launch sometime this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Again, we don’t yet know the exact release date, but it certainly sounds like we’ll be hearing much more about that in the next few weeks.