Fast X Director Louis Leterrier Teases the Franchise Ending Will Surprise and Satisfy Fans

After more than two decades, the Fast Saga is coming to an end. Fast X, hitting theaters this weekend, represents the beginning of the end for The Fast and the Furious. There will be at least one more movie, bringing the franchise’s total to 11 films, but there have been talks of Fast X launching a trilogy to wrap things up, which would make 12 Furious movies altogether. Regardless of how many movies it takes to wrap up, the creative team behind the franchise knows where it’s going, and they are promising some big surprises.

Louis Leterrier directed Fast X and has been tapped to helm Fast & Furious 11 (there’s no official title just yet). During a recent interview with Collider, Leterrier was asked about the ending of the whole franchise and if he knew how it all wrapped up. For Leterrier, it was important to know the end, so he could start planting those seeds in Fast X.

“The moment I read the script, how it unfolded and how it was like a reverse Fast & Furious, I asked that question,” Leterrier explained. “Then we started talking about it, and then, you know, I didn’t know I was going to do the next one, but it was very important for me, in order to plant the right seeds, to know where it was going. So that’s what we had to come up with, where it all ends.”

“What I can tell you is that we know exactly where the franchise ends today,” he continued. “We know where we’re ending. The roads we’re going to take are going to be different, but we know where it all ends, and I know as a fan it’s both sort of satisfying and truly surprising. As you know, fan service is tricky because you want to deliver the right thing, but you wanna surprise the people, you don’t want to give them exactly what you know everybody’s expecting the Fast & Furious franchise, where it’s going to end up.”

There’s no telling where the Fast and Furious franchise will end, but Fast X will pave the road for fans.