Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney Calls Throw-Up Scene “Most Disgusting Thing” She’s Ever Experienced

Thanks to films like Anyone But You and the forthcoming Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney has begun to be a familiar face at the box office. For a number of viewers, Sweeney is easily best known for her role as Cassie Howard on Euphoria — and amid the wait for Season 3, she is reflecting on one of her character’s most shocking moments. During a recent appearance on Hot Ones, Sweeney revealed behind-the-scenes details around her infamous vomit scene in Euphoria Season 2, which saw Cassie puking into a hot tub. As Sweeney put it, the practical work that went into bringing the scene to life ended up being the “most disgusting thing” she has ever dealt with.

“A lot of films, they’ll just have a cup of mushed up anything that they have from craft team mixed with milk and water,” Sweeney explained, “and it’s the most disgusting thing, and you just put it in your mouth and you hold it and then you puke it up. [Series creator] Sam [Levinson], of course, did not want that. He just wanted vomit everywhere, so they had to get a pump, and they had this pipe that they just taped and hid on my body, and then they CGI’d it out up my neck. And then there was a horse bit that I had to put in my mouth. During that scene, they’re filling my mouth with throw up, and then I and then I open my mouth and it just starts shooting out of my mouth. And it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“You need the pump. It’s a very insane pump, too,” Sweeney added. “But the horse bit, it was so — I was like ‘Why do I need the horse bit?’ It was huge.”

When Will Euphoria Season 3 Premiere?

Although an exact date for Euphoria Season 3 has not yet been set, HBO boss Casey Bloys has hinted that the new episodes will film at some point this year, ideally for a 2025 release date. As Bloys stressed, a lot of the “practical reality” comes down to scheduling the ensemble cast members. The series was previously believed to begin production in June of 2023, until the Hollywood writers and actors strikes further complicated things, with reports hinting the series would jump ahead five years in time.

“Obviously the cast have all become stars, which you love to see — and Zendaya is obviously a big movie star,” Bloys said during a recent appearance. “So, there is a practical reality to that. But it also depends on the stories Sam wants to tell. He’s in the thick of writing Season 3 right now and we’ll leave it up to him and have those conversations about what he wants to do.”

What Are Sydney Sweeney’s Next Movies?

In addition to the upcoming Sony’s Spider-Man Universe movie Madame Web, Sweeney is poised to star in and executive produce a film reboot of Barbarella. A new adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s cult-classic comic book series of the same name, Barbarella would be the second film incarnation after the Jane Fonda-led 1968 movie.

“I’m really excited to serve all the fits,” Sweeney explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “But also, just it’s such an iconic, fun character. And I want to keep that fun alive through Barbarella. So, I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

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