Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Enlisting Addison Rae to Star

Back in 2007, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez teamed up to create the cult classic moviegoing experience, Grindhouse. While the double feature of Planet Terror (Rodriguez) and Death Proof (Tarantino) wasn’t a success at the box office, it spawned some future films: Rodriguez’s Machete and Machete Kills. Grindhouse featured fake trailers from multiple directors including Rodriguez’s Machete, Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS, Edgar Wright’s Don’t, and Eli Roth‘s Thanksgiving. For years, Roth said he planned to take the same route as Rodriguez and turn his slasher idea into an actual feature, and it’s finally happening. It was recently announced that Disenchanted star Patrick Dempsey would be leading the cast, and Deadline is now reporting that TikTok’s Addison Rae has joined the film.

Rae caught her big break in 2021 when she starred in the She’s All That remake, He’s All That. Thanksgiving will mark Rae’s first movie since the Netflix remake was released. Currently, it’s unclear who Rae will be playing, but having seen the fake trailer, we’re willing to be she’ll be suiting up as a cheerleader. In Thanksgiving, a Massachusetts town known for going all out during Turkey Day becomes the target of a killer.

Jeff Rendell, who scripted the original fake trailer and played its killer pilgrim, has penned the script for the movie which is expected to begin production in March. Spyglass, the production company behind the recent revivals of Hellraiser and Scream, will bring the film to life with Roth and Roger Birnbaum set to produce.

Is Machete Kills in Space Still Happening?

Machete and Machete Kills both starred Danny Trejo, and the 2013 sequel teased a third movie titled Machete Kills in Space. Natrually, fans have been eager to see the next installment for years. Back in 2019, Trejo said he’d be willing to write and direct the movie himself. In an interview with Discussing Film in 2020, the actor repeated those sentiments about penning the script after giving an unfortunate update about the movie.

Machete, Machete Kills, if Robert would ever get off his ass, he’d write Machete Kills in Space! I might write it [laughs].” He added, “You know I haven’t spoken to Robert in a while. He’s been really busy and I’ve been busy. Maybe I’ll call him, see what’s up. But I haven’t talked to Robert for a while. He kind of dumped me I think… I got too big (laughs). He’s great. But he’s busy, he’s got six kids. That will keep you busy. His kids are wonderful too.”


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