EA Sports PGA Tour Release Date Delayed

Electronic Arts has revealed that EA Sports PGA Tour has been delayed. Fortunately for fans, the game’s delay is on the shorter side; instead of coming out on March 24th, the game will now be released worldwide on Friday, April 7th. Players that have secured an early access release will be able to check out the game on Tuesday, April 4th. Electronic Arts revealed the delay in a blog post, while also offering a couple hints regarding the rationale.

“EA SPORTS PGA TOUR will now launch the week of the Masters Tournament, with an early access release on Tuesday, April 4 and worldwide launch on Friday, April 7,” EA’s blog post reads. “Creating an authentic golf experience has been our goal, and this small shift in release date allows us to add a few final touches to the game that we are very excited to deliver to all of you, including updates to some favorite courses to reflect 2023 designs.”

As far as delays go, this one is about as short as they come! It’s unusual to see a developer delay a game by just two weeks, but hopefully the extra time will allow the developer to add an extra level of polish. Of course, the timing works out quite nicely, with the Masters Tournament taking place the same week. That’s sure to be the time that players are most looking forward to this type of golf game, anyway!

EA Sports PGA Tour will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players that want early access to the game can get it by purchasing the Deluxe Edition, or the EA Play Pro Edition. Players that purchase the standard edition will have to wait three extra days. Fans will have to decide for themselves if the extras are worth the increased price point, but either way, golf fans won’t have to wait too much longer for this year’s game!


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