Dying Light 2 Developer Teases What’s Coming in 2023

Dying Light 2 is about to have a pretty exciting 2023. The Dying Light series is one that has grown a lot over the years. When it began in 2015, it’s hard to say that anyone could have imagined it is what it is now, let alone that it would have taken 6 years to get a proper sequel. Part of the reason for that is because there was such an immense turn out for the first Dying Light. So many people played it and continued to play it after it came out due to positive word of mouth that Techland doubled down on it. There were years of major updates that added new content and ways to experience the game.

Dying Light 2 will be no different as Techland has already confirmed years of post-launch support for the game and although 2022 was a big year for the game, it seems 2023 will be pretty big as well. Coming off the game’s first year on the market which saw the release, some updates, and the game’s first full fledged DLC, 2023 will bring a ton of other updates. In a new video from Franchise Director Tymon Smektala, it was confirmed that Techland will massively improve the nighttime experience in the game, add improvements to co-op with things like co-op progression saves, and much more. Smektala confirmed that we’ll hear more about what’s coming in 2023 around the game’s first anniversary, which falls on February 4th.

Either way, if you’ve been loving Dying Light 2, there is much more of it on the way. Only time will tell how much of it is stuff fans actually want, but it sounds like it’s on track to be pretty exciting. The nighttime experience in the first game is far more intense and scarier than in the second game, so it’s great to hear that’s being improved along with co-op progression saves.


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