Madden NFL 23 Fans Are Furious After EA Accidentally Wipes Players’ Save Data

Madden NFL 23 fans are pretty angry as EA accidentally lost a ton of save data for players. EA is notorious for upsetting its players one way or another. Maybe it’s because a game gets canceled or a developer gets shut down. Perhaps there’s a really gross business practice that leaves players with a bad taste in their mouth. Sometimes entire games even get released and have infamously awful launches that rattle millions of players. None of this is exactly unique to EA, but the company is a repeat offender of all of these things and is widely despised by gamers at large despite all of their huge franchises.

However, the company’s latest blunder isn’t going to exactly change any minds. EA has confirmed that players who tried to load into Madden NFL 23‘s Franchise mode between Wednesday 12/28 at around 2:45 pm EST to 12:45 am EST on Thursday 12/29 have lost their save data for the mode. There was a data storage issue during this time that resulted in saves being corrupted and EA is working to resolve the matter. However, EA noted that not all saves will be recovered. In fact, it sounds like most people are out of luck. The team estimates that only 40% of leagues will be recovered, but will keep fans in the loop over the coming week. It’s a pretty major issue that resulted in users on Reddit expressing their anger. Some noted that this is the end of Madden as a whole, others were baffled that a major company that makes billions could make such an egregious error, and others mourned the losses of their leagues.

Rest in Peace Franchise from

It’s pretty bad, needless to say. Hopefully, EA will find a way to offer compensation to those that lost their save data during this time. It may not matter, though. Given how much time players invest into these things, this may be enough to put them off the game for the rest of its life cycle, if not the Madden NFL 24 as well.

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