Did Edge Just Retire and Wrestle His Last Match in WWE?

Edge’s 25th Anniversary celebration on tonight’s WWE SmackDown culminated in a match between Edge and Sheamus, someone he considers a friend and someone he hasn’t ever had a chance to wrestle in the ring. The match was reportedly the final match on Edge’s contract with WWE, and it felt that way throughout the entire show, with video tributes and video packages of Edge’s WWE career. The match with Sheamus was fantastic, and it would ultimately end with Edge getting the win. Edge, his family, and Sheamus all seemed to get emotional when the match ended, and while he could re-sign with WWE, it does feel as if Edge might retire. Even if he doesn’t, this could also be Edge’s final match in WWE, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Edge and Sheamus locked up and Edge soon knocked Sheamus down. Sheamus then returned the favor and knocked Edge down with a shoulder tackle. Both stars ended up on the mat after WWE came back from commercial, and Edge went for a cover on Sheamus but the Celtic Warrior kicked out.

Sheamus stayed on the ring apron but Edge slid underneath him and powerbombed Sheamus onto the floor. Edge rolled Sheamus back in the ring and then went up top and connected with a crossbody into a cover, but Sheamus kicked out of the pin. Sheamus then set up Edge for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran, but Edge blocked it and delivered his own version.

Edge speared Sheamus through the ropes next, resulting in both landing on the floor outside of the ring. Back from commercial, Sheamus had Edge in a submission hold, but Edge fought back and was able to loosen the hold. Edge then locked in a submission of his own, keeping Sheamus away from the edge of the ring, but Sheamus was able to grab the lower rope and break the hold.

Sheamus kicked Edge backward and then went up top, but Edge was back on his feet and able to break up Sheamus’ next move. Edge then joined Sheamus up top and hit a Superplex, but he wasn’t done. Edge hit the Edgecution and went for the pin, but Sheamus kicked out. Sheamus got back to his feet and kicked Edge, knocking him down before he could jump from the top rope. More punches from Sheamus followed and then Sheamus picked up Edge and hit a White Noise from the top rope. Sheamus then hit Edge with the Celtic Cross and went for the cover, but Edge shocked Sheamus by kicking out.

Sheamus then hit Edge with the 10 Beats of the Bodhran, but Edge responded by flipping him the middle finger. Sheamus then went for the 10 Beats again but clubbed Edge way more than 10 times. Sheamus told Edge he warned him and then Edge slapped him and hit him with a clothesline. Edge charged up for the spear but he was hit with a knee strike and the Brogue Kick. Sheamus went off the cover but Edge kicked out again.

Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick but missed and Edge rolled him up, but Sheamus kicked out. Then Edge hit Sheamus with a spear and covered him, only for Sheamus to kick out right before 3. Edge set up for a spear again and hit it, and went for the cover and got it, winning the match. It was an emotional win for Edge, and after the match Edge and Sheamus hugged.

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