Diablo 4 Players Notice Secret Druid Change in Season 1 Update

Many players have been reporting various issues with Diablo 4 Season 1. From incredibly long load times to the changes to capstone dungeons ruining power-leveling, it’s been a very frustrating drop for many players. The latest annoying change to do the rounds is a new Druid visual change that has players wondering why their werebears and werewolves are a completely different color from what they were the last time they logged into Diablo 4. While not nearly as frustrating as the long queue times, it has certainly caused many heads to spin in the community.

The change was first brought to the community’s attention via a Reddit post from u/mysterious_quartz on the official Diablo 4 subreddit. They posted a side-by-side image of their werebear before and after the patch. The before-patch picture shows a reddish-brown werebear that looks relatively normal, while the post-patch werebear looks like it’s been covered in Cheeto dust. It is certainly a weird look and not one that’s been documented by Blizzard Entertainment, so no one is quite sure exactly what’s going on.

They changed the color of my werebear
u/mysterious_quartz in

Before the patch, the color of your werebear and werewolf was tied to your character’s hair color. If you decided to go with blond hair in your human form, you’d see a similar color when you switched to werebear. However, after the patch, several players are reporting similar issues to what mysterious_quartz showed off in their Reddit post. It’s not just one hair color either, as blond-headed werebears are reporting looking a bit too much like Winnie the Pooh after the patch.

Hopefully, this is just a weird visual bug that Blizzard can easily iron out of Diablo 4 in the next few days. The developers are holding a Campfire Chat tomorrow where they will talk about all of the feedback they’ve received since launching the new patch ahead of Season 1. It’s unlikely they’ll address this bug directly, but we might hear about a hotfix or something similar that’s coming down the pike to fix some of the stranger bugs that have popped up ahead of the launch of Season of the Malignant.