WWE’s The Usos Retain Tag Team Titles on Christmas SmackDown

After securing a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships last week, it was time for The Usos to put the Titles on the line against the winners of that Triple Threat contender’s match, Hit Row. Hit Row’s Ashante Thee Adonis and Top Dolla were hanging right with The Usos early on, but Jey and Jimmy made a point to go after Dolla’s leg and knee with chop blocks, and that would play a factor later in the match. At one point Dolla caught both Usos and looked ready to go for a cover, but his leg gave out, and instead, he got superkicked by both Usos and pinned for the win.

Jey started off against Adonis, but after avoiding a move, Adonis decided to taunt just a bit. He got Jey to his corner and tagged in Dolla, who then threw Adonis into Jey in the corner like a missile and then lifted Jey, but Jey managed to chop-block him and knock him down. Jey got him to their corner and tagged in Jimmy, who pushed Dolla against the ropes and distracted the referee while Jey got a free shot in.

Dolla got back on his feet and slammed Jey down, but Jey went for Dolla’s knee again and knocked him back down to the mat. The Usos kept Dolla down during the commercial break, but he managed to finally get to his corner and tag in Adonis, who went on a tear, hitting Jimmy with a DDT and then a huge splash from the top rope into a cover, but he kicked out.

Jimmy tried to throw Adonis over but he landed by the ropes and knocked Jey off the ring. Jimmy tried to go for the pin after a slam but he kicked out. Jey was tagged in and Adonis was clearly in pain from landing on his ribs, but then Dolla pulled Jimmy out of the ring and threw him into the steel steps.

Then Adonis hit Jey with a big dropkick and alongside Dolla, but Jimmy broke it up. Jimmy hit Adonis with a super kick that knocked him off the ring, and then Dolla lifted both Usos despite his hurt leg, but he couldn’t get them all the way up. That let Jey and Jimmy hit him with a double super kick, and then they hit a 1D on him and went for the cover, getting the pin and the win.


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