Twitch Streamer Goes Viral After Dislocating Knee While Playing Call of Duty

A Twitch streamer is going viral after he dislocated his knee while freaking out during a Call of Duty match. Gamer rage happens to all of us. Whether it be because someone bested us or the game cheated us out of some critical moment, it’s easy to get upset at something you’re invested in. Of course, there’s a pretty big difference between shouting out loud versus actually having a physical reaction that involves throwing your fist through a wall, breaking a controller, or something else. However, it’s probably safe to say only a handful of people have actually ever truly injured themselves while playing a video game, particularly one that involves no actual physical activity beyond moving your fingers.

As reported by Jake Lucky, Twitch streamer TheDannyHammer had a full body reaction to losing in Call of Duty: Warzone, however. The streamer placed second in a Warzone match and was upset that his team didn’t stick with him. The streamer then got up and started bending his body in ways that can only cause you to think about how this is going down a path that likely won’t end well. After bending enough, Danny fell to floor and screamed out in pain. He started yelling about how he broke his leg and his knee popped out. Needless to say, it sounds pretty horrific, but hey… he went viral and it will probably help his streaming career a bit! Danny will/has fully recovered, thankfully, so he doesn’t have to worry about a Call of Duty injury ruining his life.


The video is actually old, as the gameplay showcases Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Verdansk map, which was taken out of the game in 2021. However, Danny stated on Twitter that he had just sent the video to Jake Lucky recently, making him a rather late viral sensation. Danny is also in the Navy and it was noted that his fellow colleagues have given him quite a bit of grief over the incident.