Cody Rhodes Takes Some of the Blame for Not Being Included in WWE 2K22

Cody Rhodes made his anticipated return to WWE at WrestleMania 39, and he immediately became one of the most requested superstars for the WWE game at the time, WWE 2K22. The game had already launched and released DLC, but fans were still hoping that perhaps 2K and Visual Concepts would release Rhodes as a special one-off addition to the game. That didn’t end up happening, and instead, Rhodes made his return to WWE video games in WWE 2K23. Many assumed it was just because of the timing and 2K23 already being in development, but when’s Matthew Aguilar recently spoke to Rhodes, he takes a little blame for that not happening as well.

“I’m very, very hands-on. I’d even go as far as saying I won’t put the heat on 2K for me not being in the game initially and then waiting till the modern iteration of it to happen. The reason being I’m very particular about the American Nightmare, the whole concept of it. It’s something I built while I was away and, until you know people are going to fully immerse themselves in it, they’re familiar with it, they respect it, and they only want to kind of further give it the signal boost that somebody like 2K can do,” Rhodes said.

“It just takes time, and I was one of the reasons why it took so much time,” Rhodes said. “So if anybody had any problems, it was more me than it was 2K in a sense that I want to make sure it’s done correctly. I’m also super petty about, I want to know what’s my number.”

Those who have played WWE 2K23 know that 2K did a stellar job of bringing Rhodes back into the game, and the entrance, the move set, and everything else is pretty spot-on. They even gave him a Stardust taunt and those famous Dusty punches, so fans of the American Nightmare should be quite happy.

Rhodes is also heavily featured in the newest season of WWE SuperCard, and he’s this year’s ambassador for the game as well. In our recent interview, Rhodes previewed what’s new in the game and what’s coming up, but he also revealed one version of himself he hopes to see in the game someday.

“Gosh, yeah. Ninth anniversary and then I found out, I think I’ve got 33 variations with the game, which is unbelievable. It’s just like a catalog of these things I’ve done, some that I’ve even forgotten. I know there’s a big update coming on. We just had the update in May. I’d like to see, and this isn’t necessarily a tease, but I’d like to see, as the defining moment pec injury Cody just made his way onto the toy shelves, I wouldn’t mind seeing that variation in SuperCard,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes can be seen every Monday night on WWE Raw, and you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!