Charlotte Flair Makes Shocking Return to WWE, Defeats Ronda Rousey for SmackDown Women’s Title

Championship Gold was on the line during tonight’s WWE SmackDown, as Ronda Rousey was defending her Title against Raquel Rodriguez. The two would go on to have a fantastic match, and Shayna Baszler would keep Rodriguez from getting the pin at one point during the match. Despite that, Rodriguez still almost won, but Rousey was able to get her to tap with an armbar from the top turnbuckle and retain, but then Charlotte Flair made her surprise return to WWE. Flair challenged Rousey to a Title match and Rousey accepted, and Flair was able to pin her and become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Rousey came out trying to attack the arm and it worked for a minute, but then Rodriguez turned the tables and knocked her down with a shoulder tackle and then slammed her back down before causing her to roll out of the ring. Then Rousey left the ring but Rodriguez chased her and picked her up and slammed her down on the one of the ropes.

Rodriguez threw Rousey into the corner and then charged towards her with full force, connecting twice but then missing on the third, causing her to hit the post. Rousey got Rodriguez into a hold and then focused on keeping Rodriguez pinned to the mat, removing her power game, though Rodriguez was able to break free and get in some shots on Rousey.

Rousey returned the favor and clubbed Rodriguez in the face, and after eating a back elbow Rousey flipped her to the mat and then went right after the arm once more. Rousey wrapped up the arm and bent the wrist, but Rodriguez was able to pick her up and hit a Samoan Drop. She had a chance to recover but she couldn’t cover Rousey, though she hit two clotheslines afterwards. She followed with another clothesline with her bad arm and went for a cover, but Rousey kicked out at 2.

Rodriguez picked up Rousey and went to throw her around but Rousey countered the move and went for the armbar. Rodriguez blocked the move and picked up Rousey’s legs, turning it into a Boston Crab. Rousey then got an Ankle Lock in but Rodriguez lifted her and slammed her down. Rodriguez lifted Rousey up and they both went over the ropes but she was able to pick up Rousey all the way back to the ring and slam her back into the ring apron.

Rodriguez unfortunately ended up in another hold back in the ring, though she was able to power through and counter that hold into a huge powerslam, Rousey was back on her feet and locked in a Sleeper hold, but Rodriguez slammed her back int the corner turnbuckle and then charged forward into the opposite corner, and the impact sent Rousey right into the post. Rodriguez then hit a big boot to Rousey and knocked Baszler off the apron.

Rodriguez hit the spinning Elbow off the 2nd rope and then went for the cover, and she would have had it if Baszler hadn’t put her foot on the bottom rope. The referee almost saw her do it an threatened to throw her out, but she stayed. Rodriguez picked up Rousey and put her up top, but Rousey fought back. Rousey then locked her up p top and got in the arm bar as they landed on the mat, and Rodriguez had to tap, allowing Rousey to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Then out of nowhere Charlotte Flair’s music hit and The Queen was indeed back on SmackDown. She entered the ring and Rousey seemed like she had seen a ghost. Rousey taunted her a bit and said she probably wanted a rematch at Royal Rumble, but then Charlotte said she wasn’t challenging at Rumble. Instead she wanted a Title match tonight, and though Baszler tried to convince her not to, Rousey did it anyway.


Flair would hit her with a big kick and go for the cover but Rousey kicked out. Flair would then knock Baszler off the apron and hit Rousey with a spear, though Rousey would counter into an armbar. Flair was able to counter though and turn her towards the mat, pinning her shoulders for the 3 count and winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship in her grand return.

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