Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston Reveals He and Aaron Paul Would Eat Show’s Blue Meth

Central to the plot of Breaking Bad‘s second season was that the product created by Bryan Cranston‘s Walter White went from being traditional crystal meth to having a blue hue. Heisenberg’s “blue stuff” would become key to the show as a whole, but was also apparently a major snacking source while filming. Cranston appeared once again on Hot Ones this week and was asked about what they used on set to double their blue methamphetamine rather than using the real thing. The Primetime Emmy-winning actor reiterated that the meth seen on the show was actually rock candy, but it was actually a specific flavor of rock candy, and his co-star convinced him to eat it.

“TV methamphetamine, the way we made it with a little blue tint, is actually rock candy,” Cranston said. “And the flavor was cotton candy, rock candy. I never tasted it until one night we were working, it was probably the 16th or 17th hour we’re working in our dungeon downstairs, our lab down there and Gus Fring is making sure we’re working. And we’re working and I see Aaron Paul reach into our product and starts throwing the methamphetamine in his mouth. I go ‘What are you doing? You can’t eat the product.’…He goes ‘You’ve tasted it?’ I go ‘No I haven’t tasted that; he goes ‘Oh you should taste it.’ I go ‘No I don’t think so,’ I guess I was still in character because Walter White wouldn’t…I have one …and I tasted one it was like…’That’s pretty good!’ They rolled the camera and he and I are just talking we’re like eating all the methamphetamine.”


Cranston won four Primetime Emmy awards for his portrayal of Walter White in the series, and recently returned to the part for the final season of the show’s prequel/spinoff Better Call Saul. Fans of the series can expect to see him again very soon though as Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles yet again for a Super Bowl commercial this year. The Breaking Bad co-stars will appear in PopCorners ad during the big game.