Attack on Titan Epilogue Reveals Mikasa’s Post-War Life

Attack on Titan‘s final episode brought the fight against Eren Yeager to an end to save the world, and the epilogue to the series revealed what Mikasa Ackerman’s life was like after the war came to an end! Attack on Titan‘s series finale brought the anime to an end ten years after the series first premiered in Japan, and it followed up all of the set up the first half of the finale had earlier this year. As Mikasa and the others needed to defeat Eren to stop the Rumbling and save humanity, they came across some intense trials before it was all over.

It was an especially tough time for Mikasa as she not only realized that killing Eren would be the only way to actually save the world, and she was dealing with the fact that Eren’s true feelings were never revealed to her specifically. Attack on Titan‘s final episode not only ended the war, but revealed what happened to the world a few years later, and Mikasa is revealed to have lived a peaceful life still mourning over the fact that Eren was killed during the war.

(Photo: MAPPA)

Attack on Titan: What Happens to Mikasa?

Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 sees Mikasa successfully deal the final blow to Eren to stop the war, and she soon leaves the battlefield in order to give Eren a proper burial. Three years after that battle, the world has started to recover and move on to the next major conflict, but Mikasa is away from all of it. Seen sitting next to Eren’s grave as the series comes to an end, the end credits sequence actually reveals more of her life.

While it’s not exactly clear as to who, it’s revealed that Mikasa had eventually moved on and lived a long and healthy life. Seen visiting Eren’s grave over her years with a husband, and later a family as she gets older, she’s eventually buried at the same site as the years roll on. War continues further, and Eren’s deeds are long forgotten, but Mikasa got to have a peaceful life like Eren wanted (even though he wanted to be with her for it).

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