Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: “The Dream is Not Me”

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone “The Dream is Not Me” opens in the past. Young Rip and another cowboy, Rowdy, get into a fight after Rodney says something disrespectful about Beth. Rodney is seriously beaten to the point he needs medical attention. Rip goes back to the ranch to get it. Rip tells John the truth about what happened. By the time John, Rip, and others get to Rowdy he’s dead. John deals with it but tells Rip that he can never leave the ranch after this, and he must always do what he says.

Jamie tells Sarah that he was never raised to be what he is. He was raised to be a rancher, a cowboy but became a lawyer because John made him do it, including applying to Harvard for him. Jamie says he wants his father’s approval, but Sarah says he can’t do that, and that John is jealous and scared of him. Sarah says the United States has no future in cattle and that’s why he must sell the rest of the state on tourism. She tells him to ask her to help him save the ranch.

Morning at the ranch, everyone gets ready for the day. Rip checks in with John who says this part is his favorite part. Rip says his is when it’s over and off everyone goes. Later in the morning, the ladies at camp get up. They talk about marriage with Summer saying marriage is oppressive while Beth disagrees. Monica asks her why she’s so mean, and Beth says for fun. She thinks its cruel and Beth says that’s why she doesn’t do it to Monica. Beth tells her that she knows how she feels about having lost a child because she’s experienced it herself. Monica says that’s why she’s mean because she keeps it inside. Beth says that it would hurt more to let it out.

Chief Rainwater goes to meet with the Senator where he finds out that two pipelines have been approved with the proposed path being through the reservation and it’s right beneath the drinking water reservoir. The Senator says she doesn’t agree with it and will put her disagreement on record. She tells the Chief to get in front of this because of his opposition. They agree to set up a press conference. Rainwater wants the governor there as well.

Out on the property, the men encounter a stillborn buffalo calf, their third. The others find a two stillborn bison. There’s a communicable illness spreading and now they have to test the herd to see if they have it. If even one does, the state destroys the whole herd. Even if they don’t, there are real issues. Back at the ranch, even Summer is helping with the cows by giving the little ones medicine. John wants to move half the herd; Rip will have to go with them, so he assembles his crew. Ryan doesn’t seem to be excited to leave the singer he’s just hooked up with behind.

Leasing the land for the herd will be more than the ranch can afford. The Yellowstone is in dire financial straits. Beth says they’re in the wrong business selling cattle not beef. She rightly points out that the business model just isn’t working.

Jamie goes to the office and his secretary tells him she’s worried that he’s with Sarah, who happens to be in his office with Mr. Steel. They tell Jamie that his father put his land in a conservation trust, and he doesn’t take it well. Sarah tells him that Market Equities is going to sue, and it will bankrupt the state. Sarah suggests to him that this is an impeachable offense for the governor. At the ranch, Beth calls the Four Six ranch to inquire about their beef sales. She finds out all they really need is enough money to feed their herd for two years before they start making any money and Beth gets an idea.

Everyone goes to the county fair. Folks play games — including winning a giant pink bear — and have a nice time. Rip and Beth talk about how long he’s going to be gone. She decides to go with him since he could be gone for as much as a year. It doesn’t go as well for the cowboy and the musician who breaks up with him. John and Summer talk about things and Summer says this is the first time she’s felt welcome and that she understands why the ranchers do what they do — and maybe they should invite some tourists to see this side of things.


At his house, Jamie practices his speech before the assembly calling for John’s impeachment.

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