WOW Women of Wrestling Crowns Tag Team Champions

Last week David McLane teased the anticpated Tag Team Championships match between Miami’s Sweet Heat and The Tonga Twins, and now we know who sits atop the Tag Team division. Sweet Heat came out strong but the Tonga Twins would even things up with stellar teamwork. Unfortunately, Lana Starr and Penelope Pink would intervene and give Sweet Heat a chance to capitalize, and that they did, rolling up the Tonga Twins for the 3-count and the win. Miami’s Sweet Heat are now your WOW Tag Team Champions (via

Lana now has Penelope by her side and they seem to be locked in on the Tonga Twins, so before a rematch can happen with Sweet Heat, it stands to reason the Tonga Twins will want some payback for costing them the Championships. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out though.

When we spoke to McLane, he couldn’t have been more complimentary of both teams and what they bring to WOW, and both have ties to strong wrestling legacy.

“Well, two things. Both come out of the independent wrestling world and both have a lineage that’s connected to the Wild Samoans, vis-a-vis relationship of the Tonga Twins being related and that of the Carlson twins having been trained by them down in Florida,” McLane said. “So that’s a unique connection that many people aren’t aware of. Secondly, these two teams individually are the most powerful two Tag Teams in WOW. They’re both strong, they’re both agile and all four of them are former Division 1 Athletes. So, you’ve got really strong competitive performers going for the Tag Team Championship this weekend, and it’s going to be a heck of a match.”

McLane also spoke about the new talent that’s coming up in WOW’s wrestling training school, as well as WOW’s nationwide presence.

“There’s no doubt about it that we’re very fortunate to be able to showcase talent that hasn’t been seen, that has been out there in the marketplace, but just not given an opportunity,” McLane said. “And it’s another great example of combining those that are already out there on the circuit trying to become seen and become great women wrestlers, and those that are homegrown talent of WOW, because WOW’s got the only all-female wrestling training school in the entire country here in LA. So it’s a blending of both and it’s a unique platform, and it’s really delivering to the fans that have been asking for better women’s wrestling, more women’s wrestling, for the past six years. So we’re just fortunate enough that we’re able to provide that. And Matt, and I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but WOW is seen in every television market in the entire country, never in the history of television. Think about that.”

“Wrestling was one of the first shows. I mean, I’d be hard pressed to bet against Wrestling and Milton Berle, we’re the first two shows on black and white TV. And Verne Gagne told me about when the Dupont Network in the early 40s, 50s started with wrestling and fly him out for it. It’s on in 210 Markets, and if you go to, our website,, there’s a spot in there to plug in your zip code and it will pop up with their market and what time WOW is on in their market. And that’s key. It’s never been done nationwide, women’s wrestling, ever. And it is now. It’s in every market. You got to admit, that is wild,” McLane said.


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