WWE’s The New Day Become NXT Tag Team Champions at Deadline

Two matches in and NXT Deadline was already rolling, and it was now time for the NXT Tag Team Champions to defend their Titles against one of WWE’s most beloved teams. Tonight’s match would pit NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly vs The New Day, and both teams would pull out all the stops to get the win, including a hilarious Titles spot that ended up with all four stars laying down in the ring. Pretty Deadly came close several times to taking down The New Day, but they couldn’t quite deal the deal, and it was Woods and Kingston who would get the win, becoming the new NXT Tag Team Champions and earning the Triple Crown in the process.

Xavier Woods and Kit Wilson would link up first, and Woods was off to a fast start, knocking Wilson back and hitting h I’m with big chops, but the Champion would knock Woods off his feet. Woods would dodge Wilson a few times and then would land on his feet, sweep Wilson, and go for a cover, but he kicked out.

Woods tagged in and they slammed Wilson down into a cover by Kingston, but he kicked out. Wilson tried to chant for the New Day, but Kingston wasn’t buying it, and Wilson tagged Elton Prince in and got a free attack in without the referee seeing it, setting up Kingston for a cover but he kicked out quickly. Prince kept Kingston in the corner and then tried to send him to the other side of the ring, but he landed on his feet and started twerking a bit.

Prince wasn’t happy and then started twerking too, and it was a twerk off that Kingston clearly won. He flipped Prince over and Woods tagged in and they both collided with Prince and Kingston hit a splash followed by an elbow by Woods and a cover, but he kicked out. Prince tagged Wilson in and he went up top but Woods met Wilson with a dropkick in the air. Woods collided with Wilson and Kingston followed suit, sending Wilson into a clothesline and a cover by Kingston but Wilson kicked out.

Kingston dodged Wilson and went for a dive but Prince stepped in and got kicked into his partner, and both were knocked down by Kingston. Wilson derailed the New Day’s momentum a bit by shoving Kingston into the post, and they rolled him into the ring and put a boot on his head. Prince then tired to wear down Kingston against the ropes and Wilson tagged in and hit Kingston with a punch to the stomach. A stomp followed but Wilson missed a knee strike. Wilson kept Kingston from tagging in Woods , but Kingston did manage to knock Prince off the apron. Then Kingston hit a DDT on Wilson, buying him some time.

Wilson crawled towards Prince and Kingston got to Woods, who hit Prince with shoulder tackles and then slid underneath Prince and hit him with a clothesline. Woods then dropkicked Wilson and bounced off the ropes and jumped over Prince to kick Wilson through the ropes. Woods knocked Prince down and went for a cover but he kicked out.

Prince got a punch to the throat on Woods and then hit a clothesline into a cover, but Woods kicked out. They exchanged punches and uppercuts, but Prince got a nasty clothesline in from behind Woods. Then Wilson was launched into Woods to hit a codebreaker and he covered Woods but Woods kicked out. Kingston took out Prince and knocked him out of the ring, who grabbed their Titles. They tried to pin it on Woods but he dropped it and fell down, and then Kingston ended up with it and he dropped it and fell down, and all four were down when the referee turned.


Prince had Woods in the ring and Kingston had Wilson outside, and Woods kicked out of a pin attempt. He then threw Prince in the air and landed on a turnbuckle, and Kingston hid a huge stomp to his back. Woods then came in and pinned Prince, making The New Day Triple Crowners and the new NXT Tag Team Champions.