WWE Teases Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes WrestleMania Rematch on SmackDown

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso issued an open challenge for their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships ahead of tonight’s SmackDown, and it was Austin Theory and Grayson Waller who answered the call. Theory and Waller got off to a solid start by isolating Jey from Rhodes and getting in some cheap shots without the referee noticing, but eventually, Rhodes and Jey were able to turn the tables and get the win. As they celebrated the win leaving the ring though, they were confronted by Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, and then Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman joined them. That led to an intense staredown between Reigns and Rhodes that had to be broken up by the new GM Nick Aldis, and this very well seems to be teasing the much-anticipated rematch between Reigns and Rhodes down the line.

At the start of the match, Uso and Waller were in the ring first, and after a headbutt, Uso threw Waller out of the ring. Theory made a hidden tag and then attacked Jey in the ring, but Jey came back with big strikes. Waller chimed in but Jey knocked him back, only to get thrown into the corner post by Theory.

Theory kept Jey down in the corner, stomping on him and then letting Waller get some hits in when the referee wasn’t looking. Waller tagged in and kept Jey grounded, kicking him and slowing the pace down as he kept Jey away from Rhodes. Jey reversed a move and kicked Waller on the side of the head, giving Jey some much-needed space.

Jey and Waller both made tags to Rhodes and Theory, and Rhodes was red hot, knocking Theory around with shoulder tackles and a slam before hitting a disaster kick on Theory. Rhodes then threw Waller out of the ring and avoided Waller’s signature move before hitting a slam of his own. Theory then lifted Rhodes and dug his knee into Rhodes’ back, but then Jey broke up a pin attempt.

Jey then knocked Theory down and set up Rhodes for the one knee, and once that connected, Jey dove into Waller on the outside. Rhodes set up for the Cross Rhodes and got it before going for the cover. Rhodes would get the 3 count and the win, retaining their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Cody and Jey made their way up the ramp but were then confronted by Roman’s music, and out came Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Then Roman came out and stood face to face with Rhodes, with both glaring at each other before they were all separated by Nick Aldis. This very much seemed to tease an eventual rematch between Reigns and Rhodes, and fans are gearing up for what could be the big finish to the story.

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