WWE Teases Jade Cargill vs Charlotte Flair on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown’s season premiere was full of big moments thanks to the return of Roman Reigns and Triple H’s big announcements, but it also featured the SmackDown of Jade Cargill. WWE’s newest high-profile signing made her blue brand debut tonight, and it came in the form of a backstage segment with Triple H, Nick Aldis, and The Queen herself Charlotte Flair. Aldis was speaking with Flair when Triple introduced Cargill to her, and it didn’t take long before the seeds of a rivalry were apparent. WWE teased a feud between Cargill and Flair could be in the cards, and hopefully, that comes to fruition in the future.

Flair turned around from her conversation with Aldis and Jade was standing there alongside Triple H. Triple H started to introduce them but Flair already knew who Jade was. Flair said “It’s nice to meet you”, and Jade responded, “It’s my pleasure.” Flair then said, “Oh, it will be” before walking away. Cargill was a little shocked, and Triple H looked like it went about as expected.

This is certainly teasing a rivalry between the two at some point, though it remains to be seen if Cargill if will be on SmackDown to make that happen against Flair. It’s been reported that Cargill is expected to be part of the Monday Night Raw roster, but that has yet to be confirmed by WWE, who is bringing Cargill to every show and every event, including Fastlane, NXT, and now SmackDown.

With Monday Night Raw’s premiere happening next Monday, you can bet that Cargill will be making an appearance, and perhaps that is when it will be revealed which show she will call home. So far Flair is the only superstar she’s come to face to face with, as at Fastlane she spoke to Triple H, and on NXT she was greeted by Shawn Michaels. On Raw, she will likely run into someone like Becky Lynch or Rhea Ripley if WWE follows the pattern set tonight.

Raw’s Women’s Division could use a boost, as life events and injuries have taken stars like Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Sonya Deville, and Carmella off the board for a while. That said, there are a number of compelling feuds for Cargill involving the SmackDown Women’s Division as well, including Flair, Bayley, and Bianca Belair whenever she makes a return to TV.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the former AEW star revealed her primary goals in WWE, and it’s all about getting WrestleMania and putting some Championship gold around her waist. She isn’t taking that lightly though, and she knows she will have to earn it.

“I understand what I’m here for. I want to capture gold and I want to headline WrestleMania, but none of that is handed out,” Cargill said. “I want to work to create those phenomenal moments. I want to have marquee matches, I want to get people talking, and I want to create something bigger than myself.”