WWE SummerSlam 2023: Gunther Retains Intercontinental Title in Brutal Slugfest

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line at WWE SummerSlam, and as expected, the match was a physical beatdown. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther put his Title on the line against Drew McIntyre, and what followed was a mix of vicious chops, big suplexes, and hard-hitting clotheslines. With the two powerhouses more evenly matched, this was also a match that put both stars outside of their normal comfort zones, and that led to some spots on the top rope. That would ultimately spell McIntyre’s downfall, as Gunther knocked him off the top rope and onto the ropes in a painful-looking spot, and then hit the splash and a powerbomb to finish off his latest challenger.

Gunther delivered a massive chop to McIntyre and then did it again, knocking McIntyre to the mat. Then Gunther hit a suplex and further grounded McIntyre, and followed it up with a clothesline. Forearm shots came next but McIntyre had enough, returning with some clotheslines of his own, and after a suplex from Gunther, McIntyre hit another clothesline to knock the Champion down.

McIntyre started throwing Gunther around a bit, which no doubt surprised the Champion. Gunther came back with some offense of his own but McIntyre slammed the Champ down and went for the cover, only for Gunther to kick out. McIntyre flew over the top rope and hit the Champion with a dropkick, and then rolled him back in to set up a claymore, only to get hit with a big boot from Gunther. Gunther went for the cover but McIntyre kicked out.

Gunther hit a splash into another cover, but McIntyre kicked out. Gunther started to taunt McIntyre and then went for a chop, but McIntyre caught his hand. McIntyre hit a chop and Gunther returned the favor, and the two exchanged more chops. McIntyre gained the upper hand and then hit a Claymore, but Gunther kicked out of the pin attempt by the challenger.

McIntyre got Gunther up top, but Gunther kept blocking the move. The two superstars traded punches to the head and face, but Gunther kicked the ropes and sent McIntyre onto the ropes in a vulnerable position. Then Gunther hit a splash onto McIntyre, but that wasn’t enough. Gunther hit a powerbomb and then went for the pin, and that got him the win. You can find the updated results and card below.

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SummerSlam is streaming now live on Peacock.

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