WWE Royal Rumble: Liv Morgan Returns from Injury in the Women’s Rumble Match

Several returns were expected at the Royal Rumble this year and fans did indeed get some great ones. That included the return of a beloved women’s Superstar Liv Morgan, who made her return from injury during the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Morgan has been out for several months, but tonight she made her big return in the rumble match, coming into the match at the vaunted 30 spot. Morgan received a loud response from the fans, and then she would go on to be in the final three of the match alongside Jade Cargill and Bayley. Morgan would actually eliminate Cargill, but then Bayley would shove her and eliminate her right after, winning the Rumble match and earning her shot at the Title.

Morgan was injured during at time when she held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with Raquel Rodriguez, and the injury meant they would have to vacate the Titles. Morgan hasn’t been on WWE TV since, but now she’s back in action and fully recovered. Whether that means she will go after the Women’s Tag Titles with Rodriguez again remains to be seen, though she could go on a singles run if she so chooses.

While she didn’t win the match, it was still a dream return scenario, but it’s not the only dream scenario Morgan has had over the past two years. Morgan also had the chance to star in Chucky, a series she’s loved. While her hype level was high for what the experience could be, it actually ended up being even better than she expected. She discussed it in an interview with USA Insider. “I feel like I turned into a horror buff as I got older, but I’ve been a fan of the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise my entire life. I’ve seen every movie and Season 1 of ‘Chucky’ was something that I just loved. My fandom for ‘Chucky’ runs very, very deep – I have like, three Chucky dolls in my home,” Morgan said.

“So I watched Season 1, and I was so excited for it – I loved it so much, loved the writing. Just seeing Chucky in modern-day society doing the same Chucky things he did when I was growing up,” Morgan said. “So I just went to WWE and I was like, ‘Do you think there’s any opportunity for me in any capacity? Because I’d love to be involved in any way, shape, or form.’ And so they reached out, and I was actually put in touch with Don Mancini, the show’s creator – he’s been so gracious to me. We jumped on a Zoom and he was able to write me into the script. It’s been almost a pipe dream come true. It started with an ask that turned into something unbelievable.”

“It was like, 100. I’m not just saying that, it genuinely was. They treated me like family, you know? They made me so comfortable,” Morgan said. “It felt very familiar, being in that setting; it’s like I was at work in WWE. I didn’t realize how much WWE prepares you for something like this – the cameras, the backstages – when I was filming ‘Chucky’ it felt like I was filming backstage for WWE, it felt so similar, which was very comforting.”

Royal Rumble 2024

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Cody Rhodes vs CM Punk vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre vs TBD.
  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match: Bayley wins the Rumble match
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Roman Reigns (C) vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs LA Knight
  • United States Championship Match: Logan Paul (C) vs Kevin Owens

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